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Architecture Planning

Innovation in design. Functionality in processes

“Form follows function” - the principle already established by the Bauhaus movement can readily be transferred to the design of system landscapes. In accordance with this, technical architectures fulfil a clearly defined purpose, which manifests itself in intuitive, ergonomic, and mature usability for users.

In line with this basic principle, Qvest creates system solutions and infrastructures that combine all the advantages of technical standardization with the best-of-breed approach and at the same time merge the user experience for the user or customer.

Design and planning of advanced media, communication, and IT infrastructures

Qvest supports the realization of technology projects along the entire digital and cross-media value chain with precisely tailored solutions. Well-established integration teams, the highest level of product knowledge and solution expertise, excellent project planning and implementation as well as experience from more than 3,500 international technology projects are proof of this in the domains of content creation, digital media supply chain and content distribution.

The contribution, production and distribution of media and communication data require a high degree of technical precision and reliability. The increasing integration of standard IT components, cloud applications and hyperscales, as well as software-supported workflows, require sophisticated and precisely coordinated technology systems for a lean and seamless workflow across all process stages. Consultants, solution architects and planning experts from Qvest design all systems through to end-to-end architectures and greenfield installations. We accompany customers throughout the entire planning and implementation phase, train operator teams in the use of new technologies and workflows and ensure an optimized project process through to turnkey handover with a tried and tested program and project management system.

The Qvest “Guide to Perfection”: what we value in every project

  • Design and conception according to the best-of-breed approach
  • Conviction through innovation in high-level design
  • Close customer involvement throughout the project
  • High scalability and adaptability to technology and innovation cycles
  • Convincing ergonomics and user experience
  • Leanness and efficiency throughout the workflow
  • Use of standard technology components
  • Replacement and avoidance of isolated solutions
  • Technological openness for required individual solutions
  • High documentation fidelity