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Systems Integration for media and broadcast

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The transition to software-defined workflows, the migration to the cloud, the integration of bridge technology for hybrid models or the realization of cost benefits through COTS and MOTS applications are just a few skills that may be expected from an innovative systems integrator.

Qvest successfully meets these challenges and supports customers around the world as a strong integration and sparring partner for media, information, and communication technology. 

Value creation is digital

Qvest supports its customers along the entire digital and cross-media value chain with custom-fit solutions for the development and modernization of technology projects. Well-established integration teams, the highest level of product knowledge and solution expertise, excellent project planning and implementation as well as experience from more than 3,500 international technology projects are proof of this in the domains of content creation, digital media supply chain and content distribution day after day.

Content creation and production
In view of the unstoppable demand for more and more media content, the quality of that content is also becoming increasingly important to stand out from the crowd. Creatives’ desire to process data in ever higher resolutions without compression brings with it massive demands on bandwidth, storage capacity, network performance and transparent data tiering. At the same time, increasing refinement possibilities such as immersive audio, augmented reality, HDR color grading and visual effects harbor enormous potential for specialization and differentiation. “New work” aspects, such as the growing trend towards real-time collaboration, remote production, and machine learning-assisted post jobs, as well as the transition to software-defined workflows and scalable cloud-based PaaS solutions and SaaS products, are also strong drivers of technological development in content production.  

Digital media supply chain
In a similar way to physical goods, digital content such as videos, music and images also pass through a supply chain of precisely coordinated processing stages. Digitalization is accelerating the possibilities of seamlessly managing media from the creation process to exploitation. Intelligent data handling, AI-supported metadata enrichment, flexible data and media orchestration and digital rights management turn media files into what ultimately determines success: valuable assets. An excellently designed and automated workflow in the media supply chain is therefore of central importance for the business strategy.

Content distribution
If you ask media houses, companies, or agencies about the biggest challenges to enhancing the customer experience, the conversation will quickly turn to the increasing fragmentation in media consumption behavior. User-specific content, the growing number of distribution channels and consumption on a wide variety of devices and in myriad formats determine the high relevance of the technology base to deliver multi-platform content. Data engineering, analytics, programmatic advertising, and subscriber engagement are also high on the agenda for exploiting digital potential in content distribution.

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Cloud, hybrid, on-premises: the infrastructure of the future enables flexibility

Even with individual requirements, it is already possible to implement technology projects almost seamlessly in the cloud nowadays. Companies are gaining more and more opportunities to move IT and media applications, software applications and workloads to the cloud in a step-by-step, flexible manner. The basic infrastructural framework must not play a role any longer. This is because, in order to make the most economically sensible decisions, companies need to be able to freely decide which applications are orchestrated, managed and monitored in their own data center, in private or public clouds, a multi-cloud environment or in a hybrid mix of all worlds. With qibb, the world's leading cloud application management & orchestration platform, Qvest is paving the way for this. Gradually or in its entirety, but always with maximum flexibility and independent of infrastructure requirements.

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