Global Sourcing Services

200,000 products for the best solution

To keep pace with the rapid pace of technological development, IT decision-makers need a reliable partner who is familiar with developments on the market, has the necessary expertise about the product landscape, and keeps an eye on innovations and trends.

Through Qvest’s Global Sourcing Services, companies benefit from this expertise, receive targeted support for their technology projects and ongoing technology equipment procurement, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Qvest Global Sourcing Services - Globally Networked. Perfectly Intermeshed.

No one project is like another and always requires the best and individually tailored technology. With the Qvest Global Sourcing Channel, we offer access to a data pool with more than 200,000 products from the IT, media and communications technology sectors. Both in the project business and in the continuous procurement of equipment, we thus provide an independent source of supply and decisive added value for IT decision-makers, media professionals and purchasing departments.

Product consulting: Qvest’s professional products specialists have the highest level of technology expertise to provide sound, independent product advice. In close customer dialog, the best possible solutions and product combinations are thus developed according to the “best-of-breed” approach.

Portfolio maintenance: Qvest’s sourcing and solutions teams continuously analyze the markets to identify and evaluate the latest product developments. Manufacturers have to undergo a multi-stage evaluation process before we include them in the Qvest Global Sourcing Channel, so customers can be sure of having access to proven and reliable products and services that will remain available over the long term.

Startup Monitor: Novel and innovative products are not necessarily created by market leaders. Through close cooperation with startup initiatives and product screening as part of international infrastructure projects, we learn about technological trends and promising startup solutions early on and let our customers participate.

International Logistics: With customized services, Qvest manages global projects with end-to-end solutions for the entire supply chain as well as 24/7 warehouse deliveries and dropshipping in daily business.

Product portfolio: the entire spectrum of IT and media solutions

Streaming and broadcast technology

Software and SaaS

Media and production technology

Office and collaboration

IT infrastructure, servers and storage

Mobile and desktop computing

Communications technology


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