Software Development

Software Development

Composing experienced teams ​with a visionary mind mix​

Transformation in companies and organizations is a continuous process that is decisively shaped by one factor due to digitalization: speed.

Markets, competition and requirements for digital products and services are changing in ever shorter cycles. For companies, this poses the key challenge of digitalizing business models and processes and being able to change and evolve quickly without having to make complex technical adjustments for each step. At Qvest, we make this possible with over 300 experienced software developers and digital transformation experts.

Thomas Pister
Thomas Pister Group Lead - R&D and Software Integration, Qvest

People & technology in harmony. Trusting cooperation is very important to us. The partners on the client side are always part of the process, because we develop together.

Individual software development by bundling competences, skills, and experience

At Qvest, software is the enabler for change. With software, we create the connection between the real and virtual world using cloud technology, automation and AI. Depending on the requirements, we put together a first-class project team that is able to turn customers’ visions and ideas into reality with the help of modern technology.

With our experience and experts in the fields of digitalization, software development and UX design, we can create new digital solutions for existing and new business models and processes.

Support for deciders in challenging times

Over the course of numerous projects, we repeatedly encounter people in charge who have sleepless nights due to comparable challenges:

  • Increased cost pressure
  • Demand for transparency and traceability for management
  • Need for plannability and control
  • More use of technical staff and experts
  • Continuing compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Resource scarcity
  • Need for knowledge building and knowledge transfer

The experts on the Qvest project teams help the decision-makers on the client side to overcome such challenges - coordinated with a 360° consulting approach for digital business strategies, technologies, and user behavior.

Superlative active ingredients for our customers

Qvest has the right prescription for customers’ “pain points”. Through close cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and experience, we have developed “active ingredients” for various pain points over time.




We focus on lean innovation, design thinking & prototyping.



We help translate visions and ideas into digital business models.



We develop future-proof software solutions that can grow with future requirements.



We increase the efficiency of IT organizations by using appropriate methods and technologies.



Our development processes are based on cloud platforms, mobile solutions, IoT systems, AI and data-driven technology.

Qvest as the ideal partner for innovation
Knowledge, skills, and experience: digital transformation is our business.

Software projects: Agile methods are our approach. Based on short cycles, we develop a first ready-to-use product version together with the customer.

Prototyping & MVP: We develop ideas and concepts together with the customer and create prototypes and MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) based on them.

Infrastructure & software architecture consulting: We make the connection between different platforms. We always use the specifically most suitable approach - whether custom-developed applications or standard solutions.

Cloud migration: We are a highly competent sparring partner on the path to the cloud. Customers thus quickly benefit from a high degree of scalability, security as well as technological and operational flexibility.