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Customization & Integration

More innovative power through customized software solutions

People, processes, and technology - excellent software should combine these in the best possible way. Qvest helps to unlock the potential of digital solutions and software in organizations in order to promote innovation and achieve a focus on core areas of expertise.

Closely involved in software development projects, we empower customers around the introduction of digital business processes and are companions in their continuous optimization.

Future-focused, customized, and functional: our software solutions

Based on state-of-the-art architecture models and technologies, we develop custom-fit solutions for mapping business models and business processes. Whether enterprise applications, native apps, or cross-platform applications, we rely on the principle of long-term cooperation and thus on the holistic and sustainable development of digital solutions for the customer.

Holistic methodology for software projects

Excellent software does two things: it facilitates adaptation and remains adaptable. With cross-industry expertise and project experience, the multidisciplinary Qvest teams support individual software development. Our methodology creates maximum transparency and ensures that the customized software keeps pace with future leaps in innovation.

Qvest as the ideal software partner


Together with you, we look at ideas, analyze relevant processes and sector-based requirements to create a target-orientated basis for decision-making.



Our experts advise you on technology and strategy. Thus, we can determine whether customizable standard solutions are an option or whether a cross-platform holistic new development is needed.



We create a documented basis for decision-making for the final platform and technology.



We develop concepts, designs, initial prototypes and testing environments so that you get an ideal assessment of the future application and the associated processes.

Let our digital experts advise you.

Digital kick-off: finding the common thread

Driving digitalization forward and not just talking about it: with our Digital Kick-off, we make it possible. In four weeks, a Qvest team works with customers to develop an executable prototype that can be tested both internally and externally with customers and peer groups. The benefit? Early conclusions about feasibility, quick feedback from potential users and, if there is a chance of success, a maximum shortening of the time-to-market with an overall manageable investment.

Improving business processes through continuous development

Expanding and improving existing resources: at Qvest, we analyze your application landscape bearing in mind technological and process-orientated factors. Based on this, we formulate recommendations for adaptation as well as possibilities for migration and expansion.
A standardized software solution as a basis? We accompany the process from solution selection through integration and connection to go-live.