Business Consulting

Business Consulting

New business models need new operating models

As business models change, so does the operating model, and technology drives this transformation. Disruption and ever shorter product life cycles require high agility in thinking and acting and a permeable product and business strategy.

In-depth knowledge of customer expectations is essential for business success and achieving world-class customer experiences at every touchpoint is the declared goal. Not just for the customer himself. But above all, for us at Qvest, in the cooperation based on partnership.

Only by bundling experience and expertise from the areas of consulting, software development and system integration can the potential to use the dynamics of transformation be harnessed in a customer-focused and individualized way.

Technology as an enabler for successful transformation

In today's highly differentiated technology world, companies can no longer make their success dependent on one-off technology projects. They need to learn to deal with challenges such as building digital capabilities, implementing technology platforms, and analyzing data in a customer-focused way and using it profitably. Qvest supports technology-enabled end-to-end transformations, designs, and integrates IT infrastructures, platform-based media architectures and data analytics models, and implements seamless, efficient workflows.

Digital transformation: We identify opportunities and risks, consider operational and process-specific issues to define individual requirements and make sensible digitization decisions that always take people into account as a central factor. Whether project-related or holistic - we focus on a long-term personal partnership.

Theory and practice: We are technological analysts, forward thinkers, and implementers. We show how cloud technology, business innovation, data analytics or AI innovation can drive critical differentiation and help our customers use data to optimize business processes and their own customer journey.

Knowledge transfer: We clarify, keep an eye on trends and innovations, pass on findings and facts to our clients, thus making potential visible and tangible - generally and specifically for the client.

The four levels of Qvest Consulting for transformation


We give our clients the right tools to make decisions more efficiently - with state-of-the-art technology and a data-driven approach.



We optimize the processes, tools, and workflows for digital content from creation to management and distribution. This is the only way to efficiently deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.



We help our partners make sense of data as information to drive productivity and customer engagement and develop a unified strategy for targeting, engaging, and converting potential and existing customers. Using Customer Data Platforms (CDP), customer data can be collected, mapped, analyzed, and utilized mindfully, regardless of the source.



Training courses and coaching of individuals and teams sharpen awareness, education, and orientation in the context of digital transformation processes. Getting employees excited about digitalization, ensuring knowledge transfer, and promoting the right actions are key factors in change processes for us at Qvest.

Transformation factors in harmony

Business transformation requires a harmony of strategy, technology, and people. This is what makes strategic realignment possible for Qvest. Based on a status quo, which we initially assess together with the client, we advise on the development of suitable business processes and strategies. Through our technology and IT expertise, we know how a strategic realignment affects the IT landscape and employees.

Business Consulting
Qvest as a partner for business transformation
Scaling business models through technology

Cooperation: Transformation means supporting and accompanying clients' strategy through technology, organization, and people. Qvest always meets clients at eye level, designing and implementing together. It does this holistically along the entire transformation process with people at the center - from the idea to successful implementation.

Mind mix: Technology, processes, and systems - a network of consultants and technology experts at Qvest approach the relevant topics from different angles. Project managers, analysts, IT architects and software developers form a mind mix that is individually tailored to the challenges and offers maximum efficiency.

Project management: We have coordinated and implemented technology and data-driven projects at the highest level through the transformation of the media world. Qvest is not just positioning itself in the field of consulting: we also conceive, design, and develop digital services and products together with the customer until they are ready for the market.

Cost-effectiveness: Technology investments pay off when the benefits are greater than the costs. In the holistic consideration of cost-effectiveness, Qvest includes both the cost-benefit analysis required for this and non-monetary criteria.