Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

Changing mindsets, scaling opportunities

Nowadays, the benefits of technology go far beyond simplifying work and processes. The future-orientated inclusion of technology in a corporate strategy opens up perspectives for new business models and can itself become the central element of entire value chains.

The example of the cloud shows how quickly a trend can become an enabler for exploiting technological innovation in a way that promises many opportunities. Data, data analytics, automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence are logical consequences of this development and create the basis for new products, solutions, and services as well as an equally enhanced user and customer experience.

Best of breed instead of bread and butter: Qvest realizes visions

We do not see technology transformation as a process that is completed at a certain point, but as a constant analyzing, evaluating, and integrating process in order to facilitate the best possible outcomes both today and tomorrow. In realizing our customers' visions, we are not satisfied with the first best, but consistently pursue a best-of-breed approach.

Technology experience: We show our customers how they can use technology to differentiate themselves and create extraordinary experiences. We provide organizational support for the introduction of new technologies and the associated acceptance on the part of their users.

Technology inspiration: We offer technology expertise and inspiration for visions and experiments. As an enabler of digital solutions, we provide our customers with transparent insights and, in so doing, let them share in Qvest's expertise.

Technology design: We look at the current situation from different angles, analyzing processes and requirements to develop the best possible concept. Independently of individual tech suppliers, we develop high-level and detailed designs that focus on customer benefits and precisely meet their requirements.

Qvest technology design: where visions become reality


At Quest, we design individual system and solution concepts and create meticulous high-level and detailed designs based on them.



We advise on technology selection and manage vendor-neutral tendering and purchasing processes while addressing the rapid changes in infrastructure and technology models.



Experts take care of technical and professional project management and thus ensure a smooth project flow at all levels.



In cooperation with the customer, we develop solutions from the MVP to the finished solution. Our experts manage tests and acceptance, implement, and integrate systems and applications and deploy the operation of IT environments.

Qvest as a partner for technology transformation
New technologies as an opportunity for progress and innovation

Technology is where we come from: As a leading partner for innovation-driven projects in the fields of information, communication, and media technology, Qvest offers 360Ā° expertise for the design, development, implementation and operational support of technical infrastructures.

Well-established teams: Technology experts, software developers, media specialists and technology architects pool their expertise in competence teams and set the direction with their flair for innovation and implementability.

Looking ahead: There are no blueprints at Qvest. Each project is analyzed according to the best-of-breed approach and implemented in step with the times using the best possible methods and technologies available to guarantee maximum future viability.