Who We Are

We develop solutions for the real world: impacting everyday experiences and creating change we see at home and beyond. Our values drive the way we work, the solutions we bring, and the ethos of our culture. Own the Next.

Qvest US Leadership

Vanessa Fiola
"Curiosity fuels growth and greater human connection"
Jon Christian
"Our goal is to provide the highest degree of talent, quality and service"
Christophe Ponsart
"Passionate about innovation, product design and building enterprises"
Frank Leal
"Believer in the Mantra "Talent Wins"
Candice Lu
"Playing to people's strengths builds the best team"

Difference Makers at Every Level

We came together, as a team, because of our shared beliefs. We believe in acting with integrity. In doing what we say we’re going to do. In being upfront, honest and sincere.

In bringing our A-game every time, and our intellect and hearts to the table always. We’re strong as individuals, and believe through collaborating with our clients, we’re stronger as a whole. Since our inception, we’ve been transforming the way Fortune 1000 clients work. We’ve been recognized by Inc. Magazine four years in a row as a Fastest Growing Company, which we believe is a testament to the quality we deliver, every time.

Our Values


We don't stop until the work is done right. We bend towards transparency always, and only commit to projects that are the right fit for us and our clients.


When it comes to ideas, creativity and collaboration, our interns are as valuable as our partners. We are experts in consulting, but our clients are experts in their business. We help each other succeed.


We see the potential in people, processes and organizations and work to create transformation.


We develop leaders in every role and at every level. We hire people with potential and poise, who relish opportunities for growth.


We take pride in everything we do and have built a culture of accountability across our company.

Our Commitment to Corporate Accountability

Creating a work environment and culture that we can be proud of is fundamental to our business success. As we take on new challenges we remain committed to the same ideals that our teams were founded on.

Qvest in the News

Disney [has] streaming, theatrical, theme parks, consumer products, they have ways to diversify, which gives them flexibility.

Jon Christian
Jon Christian
| Executive Vice President, Qvest.US

In order for us to continue to break glass ceilings, we must overcome our own internal hurdles to understand that we belong and that we have every right to be here.

Candice Lu
Executive Vice President

Data is king, [understanding] the data around users which helps and informs what content [is] produced.

Jon Christian
Jon Christian
| Executive Vice President, Qvest.US