Digital Media Supply Chain

Manage media from initial content creation through consumption

Your digital platforms and media-centric processes are as unique to your business as the content and assets you produce. Our industry expertise will assess, evaluate, design and implement digital media ecosystems tailored to your business. Together, we manage, transform, and distribute your digital assets for maximum impact and ROI.

So Much More Than Digital Asset Management

A mature digital media supply chain (DMSC) not only features a robust digital asset management (DAM) system, but additional components to streamline and automate content delivery. These include areas such as a global content management systems (CMS), workflow and automated content processing, and master data management (MDM). It also includes integration with downstream and upstream systems from product information management (PIM) and rights management systems, to streaming services.

It is also coupled with robust data and analytic solutions to help your business develop comprehensive executive dashboards for more informed decision making.

Our extensive experience in the media and entertainment industry, handling highly complex use cases, provides us with unparalleled understanding. This extends beyond building a digital asset management system; it encompasses creating a comprehensive digital media supply chain, granting you total control over your digital assets.

That experience is leveraged across additional industries and business models to help enhance the value of your assets.

Our key services

Sustainability and Responsibility Services
We equip companies to operate in a socially and environmentally conscious manner, aligning their business goals with sustainable development principles.
Metadata Handling and Workflow Design
By streamlining workflows and metadata processes, we increase efficiency, enable advanced search and precise content tracking.
Media Production & Distribution
By drawing on our knowledge of media production technologies, we deliver end-to-end workflows, from ingest, through production to distribution – both for linear TV and digital-first media businesses.
Experience the Qvest Difference

Extensive experience

With decades of extensive consulting experience and hundreds of successful DMSC projects implemented, we are a trusted advisor to clients in the media and entertainment, broadcasting and consumer products industries. We have a proven track record of delivering tangible results and using emerging technologies to help organizations navigate the evolving landscape of digital media.


Advanced AI integration

We are – and we stay – at the forefront of technology advancements, integrating artificial intelligence into systems to enhance efficiency and capabilities. Our DMSC expertise leverages cutting-edge AI technologies to optimize processes, enhance decision-making, and deliver intelligent insights.


Comprehensive services

By considering the entire value chain, we ensure seamless integration, optimal efficiency, and maximum value creation at every stage. From developing robust digital asset management systems to implementing cutting-edge content delivery networks and optimizing digital asset management, our expertise spans the entire spectrum of the Digital Media Supply Chain.


Measurable results

We are committed to delivering measurable results and demonstrating the impact of our solutions. We establish clear performance metrics, track key indicators, and provide comprehensive reporting. By measuring outcomes, we help you gauge the success of your digital media supply chain initiatives and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Our Approach to Digital Asset Management


Define Digital Media Supply Chain strategies in alignment with executive vision. Drive current and future state analysis, perform solution evaluations for best in class, define roadmap, determine prioritized roll out strategy, define budgets, conduct organization assessment, and build ROI models.


Define, design, develop, and deploy Minimum Viable Product (MVP) leveraging tested delivery methodologies, industry best practices and deep DMSC subject matter expertise. Detailed design across Taxonomy, Metadata, Asset Workflows, Migration, Custom Development & Integrations, Training and Change Management. We have successfully delivered on the most complex use cases allowing your team to avoid critical pitfalls.


Iterative solution expansion to support additional business units, use cases, and geographies. Agile Sprint delivery. We have accelerators based on industry experience and tailored to your environment to streamline delivery.


Periodic evaluations to ensure alignment with technology roadmap and vision and continuous improvement.

Technology Partners

Senior Vice President, Qvest US

Meet our Experts in Digital Media Supply Chain

Michael Whang

Michael leads Qvest’s Digital Media Supply Chain practice, bringing more than two decades of experience delivering technology strategies and solutions within the media and entertainment and consumer products sectors. He has led some of Qvest’s largest and most complex DMSC projects and provides deep industry expertise to solve complex business problems. Connect on LinkedIn.