tm stagetec systems is now Qvest

We provide clients with customised, high-quality technology solutions in the main areas of public address, professional audio, network and equipment management, and information systems on a large scale.

Our company is continuously at the cutting edge of technology and its applications. Key sectors include stage and theatre, broadcast, enterprise networking, public address, passenger information for transportation, and communication systems.

More opportunities, larger-scale projects, cutting-edge solutions

Fostering a passion for innovation and technology has created a path to further expanding our product and service range and taking on new projects in the ICT and networking sectors. The core areas of expertise within the company were professional audio, public address, network and equipment management, and information systems. We are continuously taking on new and challenging infrastructure projects.

In April 2023, tm stagetec systems was acquired by Qvest Group and now operates as Qvest Australia. The specialised services from tm stagetec systems, such as professional audio, systems integration, and support continue as normal. Operating as part of Qvest Group has allowed us to offer more opportunities, larger-scale projects, cutting-edge solutions and further expansion. Our clients now have access to an even broader set of products and services to meet their digital transformation requirements.

Treva Head | Managing Director, Qvest Australia

It is both a personal and professional pursuit of mine to be at the forefront of showcasing what can be achieved with technology. I feel a great sense of responsibility to both our clients and our employees to keep up our passion for the business and innovation of technology well into the future.

Mark Lownds | Managing Director, Qvest Australia

The challenge of taking new technology and creating solutions that best meet our clients’ needs is what keeps us enthusiastic about what we do every day. I feel that the team and the suite of products and services we have been fortunate enough to put together are truly first-rate.

What sets us apart – your benefits

Passionate innovators

Our employees are passionate innovators when it comes to technology. We aim to continuously be at the forefront of showcasing what can be achieved with technology. A key part of this is investing time into training and developing staff and their skill sets.


Long-term relationships

Our professionals strive to be the best. We offer the industry-leading products, best-in-class services, and completely customised solutions, building long-term relationships with our clients.


Proven track record

As the company has developed, fostering a passion for innovation and technology created a path to taking on and successfully implementing new and challenging projects in many industries.


Unparalleled competency

We offer services across many fields such as development and manufacturing, project engineering and distribution.. A broad range of dovetailed products and services perfectly compliment each other. 

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