Paving the way for successful media companies

Fragmentation in media consumption patterns, disruption through digitization, new technologies and distribution channels, internal design of the digital transformation, declining revenues and cost pressure - it’s things like these that keep CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, COOs or CMOs awake at night.

Supporting media companies with such and future challenges has always been firmly anchored in Qvest’s DNA. With more than 30 years of expertise, we have become the leading consulting company and system integrator in the media industry, paving the way for tomorrow’s digital technology landscape together with our customers.

Sparring partner in the value creation process

Acquiring and creating content, editing, managing, distributing and monetizing assets: What sounds like a simple process is often the result of a workflow that can consist of several hundred applications across a wide range of user groups and suppliers and buyers. Designing such a media workflow in a lean and efficient, seamlessly networked, highly automated and maximally intuitive way is one of Qvest’s core areas of expertise.

We advise and accompany companies during requirements analysis, system definition and technology selection, their integration and implementation and support the process with customized and future-oriented software development at the necessary interfaces.

Qvest as an enabler for the step into the future

Through our world-leading role as an innovative systems architect and ICT integrator for technology, customers from across the media sector benefit from Qvest’s expertise in consulting and design, as well as the development, implementation and operational support of media technology infrastructures.



Unrivaled worldwide, we create media infrastructures for live broadcasts, sports, events, and entertainment.


The world’s largest film studios rely on our expertise in areas such as content creation, digital asset management, IP & rights management, and content distribution.


OTT, streaming, video-on-demand: For streaming providers, we increase platform efficiency by integrating state-of-the-art technology.


When entering the moving image business, we offer publishers precisely tailored solutions for digital publishing, online, social media, and out-of-home publishing.


Global telco providers benefit from our dedicated expertise in fields such as IPTV, streaming, and video-on-demand.


Whether it be content creation or content refinement: Production service providers draw on our product expertise and our competence in setting up studios, control rooms and editing centers in areas such as video, augmented & virtual reality, craft editing, grading and immersive audio.


With strong connections in the creative industry, we support agencies, networks and film makers in the technical realization of their moving image projects.


For the boards that mean the world, we create unforgettable audience experiences with state-of-the-art media technology.

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All eyes on me(dia)!

It's no secret: the media industry is experiencing the digital transformation with massive impact on traditional business models. And here's the solution: Qvest understands the chances and challenges for producers, publishers and the public and implements scalable and cost-optimized media and data systems worldwide that are tailored exactly to the needs of the customers.

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Cloud computing offers numerous opportunities for optimization and innovation, but dealing with it can be overwhelming for companies.

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Q&A: The "Asharq News" project

Philipp Glänzel, General Manager & CTO Qvest MENA, explains how Asharq News is setting standards in its infrastructure and news workflow.

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Full IP infrastructure, cloud solutions, seamless workflows: Qvest made Asharq News the leading broadcaster of business news in the Arabic-speaking…

Experience the Next: Qvest as a partner for Change Management

Visions of the future: Together with clients, we translate their corporate vision into solutions and overcome the challenges of digital transformation and disruption to set the course for a successful future.

Innovation and Transformation Expertise: Technological and infrastructural changes have a major impact on internal organization and processes. We accompany media companies through this change with coordinated methods and change management.

Concept & Design: With excellent skills for infrastructure design, we change and create system landscapes that are always “best-of-breed” and thus always on the ball.

Market access and knowledge: The knowledge of the manufacturer and product landscape from more than 30 years of media expertise can be found at Qvest. With our network of international partnerships, we have the access and the purchasing-side scaling potential in almost every relevant area of technology.

Support & training courses: Even after the completion of a concrete project implementation, we support our customers. We accompany them with training programs and support the continuous development of the company, its people and its technology.