Products and solutions for broadcast and media

Optimize media workflows, improve performance, operate more flexibly.

Innovative products and solutions can help media companies optimize workflows and improve performance in a variety of ways. As a result, they make a significant contribution to save time, reduce costs and achieve business goals more effectively.

Automation, Integration, Collaboration

Qvest offers its customers digital products and solutions according to the best-of-breed principle. Always keeping an eye on all relevant technology trends and innovations, we develop a custom-fit implementation scenario for individual project needs.

An essential part of our portfolio for the media industry are products and solutions in the areas of automation, integration and collaboration.

Time-consuming, complex and repetitive tasks are automated so that employees can concentrate on their essential activities. An important aspect here is the reliability of the systems.

Products and solutions are integrated into existing systems and tools to streamline workflows and eliminate the need for manual data entry or transfer, for instance.

Location-independent collaboration and communication between team members is facilitated to break down silos, increase knowledge sharing, and accelerate project delivery.

Our products and solutions

At Qvest, more than 400 Tech & Media Consultants and over 300 Software Developers and UX-/UI-Design experts worldwide develop digital products and solutions. As a specialized partner for broadcast and media, we take care of the design and implementation of digital and technology solutions along entire digital media supply chain.

All of our products and solutions can be customized to meet a company's individual needs and workflows - maximizing efficiency and productivity.

makalu Cloud Playout

Cloud Playout

Deliver compelling content quickly, reliably and at the highest quality on any given device to create new revenue streams: makalu is the software-defined cloud playout automation that helps you succeed in a competitive media landscape. Spin up linear live, pop-up and FAST channels in the blink of an eye, manage them easily – and monetize your content.

Media operations

Cloud-based Media Integration Platform

Create and maintain your own low-code workflows with dozens of pre-built flow templates with qibb, the first fully agnostic and cloud-based media integration platform worldwide. Orchestrate media applications easily from a constantly growing catalog already containing more than 100 media-centric apps from industry-leading partners.

Virtual video production environment

The enterprise solution for anywhere, anytime video editing is optimized for the best Adobe Creative Cloud experience. Enjoy the familiar workflows and full functionality of Adobe apps like Premiere Pro and After Effects – paired with the performance and power of the cloud via virtual workstations. For easy collaboration and frame-accurate editing in real time.


Studio & Gallery Playout

clipbox is the studio server for live and pre-production in broadcast and media environments. As a powerful and intuitive multichannel studio and gallery playout, it enables you to easily create rundowns for multiple players and control their playout. clipbox offers a clearly arranged and customizable user interface that supports multiple languages.

Studio control

Fusion is a manufacturer-independent "middleware" for the efficient management and control of audio and video devices in a studio environment, bringing together complex technical processes. These so-called bricks are executed by automation and can be taken into account by editors already during planning.

The GEN Z Upgrade for Broadcast

The multiple award-winning solution for personalized sports broadcasts: Each individual viewer decides which content is relevant to them.

Learning from social media

Staying involved with the favorite stars and formats: Learn from social networks, use the knowledge yourself, and go mobile first.