GenAI for media: reap boundless business benefits

For media companies, is GenAI tactical or transformational?

The answer is both.

Some GenAI use cases—like automating subtitling and dubbing—are obvious and foundational. Others are more creative and aspirational like using GenAI to capitalize on viral media moments in real time to boost ad revenue. 

The possibilities for GenAI are boundless. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, GenAI could become a $1.3 trillion market by 2032. However, the ethical security and legal risks are also real: bias, copyright uncertainty, labor contract concerns, and cybersecurity threats. 

With GenAI, the stakes are high and hype can drive distraction. To help ensure ROI and rein in risk, it’s vital to focus intently on specific problems to solve and opportunities to seize, whether it’s creating revenue, reducing costs or streamlining processes.

Picture the GenAI revolution: media’s most pressing problems solved

When it comes to using GenAI for content generation, media companies are experimenting with different components. But content generation isn’t the only opportunity for optimization. Media companies have myriad ways, both foundational and aspirational, to tap GenAI’s power, including:

Navigate neural networks to bond with customers
Consider GenAI’s potential for dealing with one of the most pressing problems facing media companies: customer churn. “Streaming services saw a median churn rate of 6.9% — more than 50% higher than the industry median,” Animated by Natural Language Processing, GenAI has an unprecedented capacity to identify and interpret customer wants and needs and deepen relationships between media companies and customers to drive customer loyalty.
Leverage LLMs to access your enterprise data
Enterprises have grown to hundreds of systems enabling its operations. Often, these disparate systems require swivel chairing within job functions. The advent of Large Language Model's (LLM) and the capabilities of agents create conversational access to enterprise data enabling information at your employee's fingertips at scale. Train to never train your employees again.
Optimize and Enhance Production Assets
Post-production editing and set management are rife with manual processes. Opportunities to automate abound. With GenAI, VFX can apply edits from one frame across frames, achieving the same results with less budget. Media can get even more ambitious with predictive analytics. Analyze big data with GenAI from past movie productions and content distribution plans to better inform the future allocation of resources, materially impacting cost savings. Support more cycles of creativity resulting in higher quality assets, quicker.

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Get started with GenAI: bite-sized or all-in

​​​​​​GenAI’s array of options make it difficult to know how to start and where to focus. But, it’s vital to take a thoughtful approach that balances the competing forces of opportunity and risk and prioritizes your most pressing problems. 


Take the approach of strategic pragmatism
How do you transform? What are the most meaningful places to apply GenAI? Take into account where you are right now and where you want to go. Succeeding at GenAI takes understanding your organization’s capacity for change and coalescing your leaders to solve the right problems and seize the right opportunities. GenAI can seem to be plug and play, so it may be tempting to take an ad-hoc approach, but planning, not paralysis, is imperative.


Develop a governance plan to clear up confusion and catalyze action
Confusion swirls around the use of AI. What is allowed? How does it work? What does this mean for my future? Teams are looking to leadership for answers surrounding responsible and ethical AI use. It’s critical to establish governance frameworks to guide AI development, deployment, and data handling. Management will need to field tough questions from employees.


Execute with elegant engineering tailored to your business
GenAI is flexible. You can build from scratch, buy off the shelf or pay-as-you-go. Benefits and drawbacks exist with all approaches and should be carefully weighed. For every organization, security is a consideration. At Qvest, we built Qai, our internal co-pilot. It’s user-friendly, fully integrated within our own messaging apps and provides rapid access to company specific methodologies, templates, and training materials, enhancing productivity by up to 20%.

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