Proof of concepts propel GenAI use cases

Navigating the stages of GenAI maturity for media, broadcast and entertainment

GenAI’s potential to transform the media business is vast. For media leaders, the challenge of implementing GenAI across operations looms large. In a conversation with the International Association of Broadcast and Media (IABM) at the 2024 NAB Show, Christophe Ponsart, co-lead of Qvest’s GenAI practice, talks about the importance of education and experimentation to evolve GenAI innovation.

Choice overload is a psychological state that people experience when they are faced with too many choices. Having plenty of paths to pursue seems advantageous, but it can lead to analysis paralysis. This is true for media executives who are charged with adopting GenAI. 

Potent and poised to transform every aspect of operations from pre-development to production to marketing, GenAI makes it difficult for media leaders to know where to start. To break through stagnation, 80% of major studios & networks have established AI councils and/or task forces, according to Qvest’s recent analysis.

Task forces empower media companies to tackle the vastness of GenAI with a centralized approach

“Because things are evolving so quickly and it affects so many departments across the organization, it’s important to have a centralized task force that creates those policies and guidelines to enable and empower all departments to move forward in an appropriate direction,” said Ponsart.  

“With GenAI, you have to crawl, walk and then run,” said Ponsart. “Once you create alignment with legal and cyber as well as consider people and data, then you can start to implement the technology,” said Ponsart.

One of the overwhelming parts of GenAI adoption is assessing the array of AI tools available. Technology continues to evolve and remains in a state of flux, according to Ponsart. Vendor volatility and the sheer volume of solutions out there creates an additional sense of hesitancy for adoption.  Companies have little interest in investing heavily in technologies that may soon become obsolete.

Qvest talks with IABM about getting started with GenAI
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Media, broadcast and entertainment companies use sandboxes to unearth revenue-generating, cost-cutting GenAI use cases

In addition to forming task forces, Ponsart says proof of concepts are paramount to propel GenAI adoption. Experimentation informs education and evolution. Without that feedback loop of what’s possible vs. what’s practical, businesses will short circuit the momentum needed to achieve GenAI. The ultimate goal is to drive toward a continuous state of improvement, according to Ponsart.

Exploration can unearth a goldmine of use cases for broadcast, media and entertainment organizations. Through our accelerators, we've worked with organizations on GenAI applications to:

  • Make content more discoverable and searchable with natural language processing; enhancing story-centric news operations 
  • Empower employees with instant and easy access organizational data across the enterprise with one integrated co-pilot 
  • Extract key information from contracts to easily scale complex and costly manual  data entry

The goal is to create the biggest impact with the smallest level of risk. Find those opportunities and rank them based on core criteria. From there, the momentum builds.

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