Efficiency Simplified: Build and Automate Your Creative Workflows

How Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies can accelerate creative workflows – keeping pace with omnichannel customers

Marketing must rapidly develop and distribute countless digital assets and digest daunting amounts of data to keep up with multichannel consumers. However, disjointed creative workflows and manual processes hamper collaboration across the business. To increase visibility and agility, marketing and creative teams need a single source of truth. That’s why we are using next gen technology to simplify and accelerate complex creative workflows.

CPG companies spend more money on marketing than any other industry.* Keeping pace with the perpetually changing preferences of multichannel customers requires robust resources. Any given campaign needs print and digital advertising, social media posts, emails and video. It takes agility to generate, approve, distribute and analyze enough content to maintain consistent, compelling communications across channels. Yet, marketing and creative teams are mired in manual processes.

Optimize creative workflows with a hyper-connected ecosystem

Until now, connecting people and systems to facilitate seamless creative collaboration has been cost-prohibitive. Point-to-point integrated ecosystems can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take years to fully mature. However, advances in technology with integration platforms are now empowering marketing and creative teams to optimize operations, accelerate time to market, reduce costs and inform future campaigns. By combining our knowledge of complex creative workflows with next gen technology, we are making the impossible possible:

  • Facilitate team communication and collaboration with a centralized platform for asset creation, review & approval, and distribution
  • Reduce manual tasks and minimize errors to improve operational efficiency
  • Ensure that marketing assets adhere to brand guidelines and quality standards
  • Visualize the status of creative assets from social media posts to ad copy anywhere in the pipeline at any time, including post-delivery
  • Adapt and scale to evolving business demands
  • Collect real-time data to gain insights that can inform future marketing strategies and campaigns

Informed by experience improving creative workflows in CPG and M&E

Today’s technology is leaps and bounds ahead of point-to-point integrations. As simple as snapping together Lego blocks, integration platforms enable infinite interchangeability. You can easily reconfigure systems based on specific business needs. That facilitates a flexible environment that fuels innovation. But technology is not enough – seeing the big picture is paramount.

Qvest took next gen technology and married it with our experience working across CPG and media and entertainment (M&E) organizations – steeped in developing and managing digital assets. Our knowledge of the complexities of asset creation informed the development of a hyper-connected ecosystem. This allows you to accelerate and evolve your creative marketing workflows with:

Learn how to accelerate and advance your creative operations

Where are the friction points? Where are opportunities for automation? How much time and money does it take for a marketing asset to flow through your creative process? Qvest can partner with you to: 

1. Assess the state of your creative marketing operations
2. Surface technology and process opportunities to optimize
3. Cultivate seamless collaboration across teams
4. Accelerate the delivery of creative assets
5. Drive deeper relationships with your customers
Discover how you can orchestrate a friction-free workflow with qibb, our integration platform partner.
Senior Vice President, Qvest US

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*Source: Statista, CPG industry advertising in the U.S. - statistics & facts, Dec. 2023