SoCal Women's Leadership Summit

Published 7. December 2023

Qvest Presents the Annual Summit in Collaboration with MESA

Qvest is the Title Sponsor for the 2023 Summit

Qvest proudly assumes the distinguished role of Title Sponsor for this year's Summit, exemplifying its commitment to leadership excellence and fostering meaningful connections.

The SoCal Women Leadership Summit in collaboration with MESA's non-profit, Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH), commenced with an opening remark from Kavita Anand, senior vice president at Qvest, highlighting the significance of WiTH and Qvest's role as the title sponsor. The SoCal Women Leadership Summit has earned renown for its dedication to inspiring and connecting women across the Media & Entertainment (M&E) and technology sectors.

Opening Remarks
Kavita Anand
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Fireside Chat: The Power of Feedback

Vanessa Fiola, executive vice president at Qvest, led a fireside chat featuring Renee McGinnis, executive vice president at Lionsgate, and Michelle Huynh, head of production technology and operations at Netflix. The discussion revolved around the dynamics of giving and receiving feedback throughout their personal career journeys. The open dialogue provided the audience– at every stage of their career– with an opportunity to apply insights and become better leaders.

Fireside Chat with Leaders in Media & Entertainment
The Power of Feedback
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The SoCal Women Leadership Summit aims to address key issues such as career advancement, mentorship, and gender bias, incorporating the influence of emerging technologies like AI. By bringing together influential speakers, industry experts, and aspiring leaders, the event acts as a catalyst for positive change and progress.

By endorsing events that champion women in leadership, Qvest actively contributes to the creation of a more equitable and empowering professional landscape for everyone. As the Summit unfolds, it is poised to make a lasting impact, inspiring women to lead with confidence in their respective fields.

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