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Published 12. April 2023

How to use the Digital Media Supply Chain to reach target groups

Today marketers know that one-to-one connections are fundamental to deliver loyal customer relationships. That means more consumer-informed content delivered to more traditional, digital and mobile devices.

The Digital Media Supply Chain, or DMSC, is the infrastructural support to content producers and publishers, connecting software systems to facilitate the creation, management, and delivery of digital media. In response DMSC has grown from content facilitator to the real-time connection between marketers and end-users. Qvest offers an overview how marketers can make the most of a DMSC system.

Digital Marketing: general needs for customized contents

The DMSC has long been the lifeblood of media and entertainment. Now, with the average adult spending eleven hours a day consuming digital media, other industries are realizing how critical it is to build a digital media supply chain — one built on best-in-breed technology, to get better content to customers faster and enable near real-time decision making.

To give one example: The average American adult spends eleven hours a day consuming digital media supply chain content. Streaming video, social media, video games, smartphone apps – the ways we watch, listen and read grow every day.

Digital media, once something only media and entertainment (M&E) companies were concerned with, is now a prime focus across industries. For marketing organizations in particular, digital transformation has become an unavoidable catchphrase, implying that if you don’t stay on top of how you manage and use content, particularly in the cloud, you risk falling behind in the market.

Every industry today is concerned with digital marketing and looking for optimized ways to manage the creation, sharing and use of digital content. This is what M&E companies call their digital media supply chain. That means adopting tools and processes that work together to enable deeper, more efficient, fluid use of marketing assets across campaigns.

Managing global marketing efforts requires strategic guidelines to enable effective collaboration throughout the asset creation, media planning, buying and placement stages. This requires purpose-built platforms that are integrated to provide corporate oversight or facilitate processes which in turn would bring greater efficiencies and insights.

There are numerous components to a highly functioning digital media supply chain, and we will cover the foundational elements that all organizations should have as well as what those enable for more advanced organizations.

The foundation of the digital media supply chain

Companies today probably already have some elements of a digital media supply chain without even realizing it. Digital asset management (DAM), digital content management and content delivery networks are the foundational elements you need to have in place in order to build strong digital media supply chains.

Digital Asset Management: providing centralized asset

With the average enterprise in possession of terabytes if not petabytes of digital media, finding efficient ways to store, manage and surface all those assets is critical. Traditionally, marketing organizations relied upon external agencies to store and manage creative assets, creating extra layers of effort when attempting to retrieve content. Without an efficient DAM tool, most usable content is destined to languish in obscurity or result in convoluted, painful retrieval processes. Furthermore, to move a new piece of content from ideation through approval can be time consuming and expensive.

A DAM system, coupled with a DAM governance process, helps to provide a centralized asset repository and system for holding, finding and collaborating on content assets. DAM takes content ownership “in-house” so asset protection is stronger and self-service functionality, machine learning and automation can be enabled. Surfacing content to

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