Planning control rooms, control centers, monitoring stations, and command centers

Security responsibility redefined

In a world where seconds can decide on life and safety, efficient control centers and monitoring rooms are the backbone of a reliably functioning security architecture. With our extensive experience in control centers and communications, we understand the unique challenges faced by technology and budget managers in police, fire departments, emergency services, civil protection, military, and at airports on a daily basis.

This also applies to companies with security-relevant areas in transportation and logistics, energy supply, or the chemical and steel industry: Our tailor-made solutions are designed for maximum security – and enable you to make quick and informed decisions in critical situations.

Decision security at every moment

Emergency response centers
Emergency response centers are the core of emergency services such as police, fire departments, and emergency medical services. They coordinate responses, alert emergency personnel, and ensure efficient communication in emergency situations. Qvest provides customized solutions for emergency response centers that enable quick and effective responses to emergencies. In crisis situations, a fast and coordinated response is crucial. Crisis control rooms and crisis management rooms provide officials with a central place to analyze the situation, make decisions, and coordinate actions. Qvest supports you in planning and equipping these vital facilities.

IT operation centers and data centers
In an increasingly digitized world, IT operation centers and data centers are crucial for the smooth operation of businesses and organizations. We offer innovative solutions for IT operation centers that enable efficient monitoring and control of your IT infrastructure and minimize downtime.

Security operations centers
Security operations centers play an important role in monitoring and controlling security systems in businesses and public institutions. Qvest provides customized solutions for security operations centers that enable reliable monitoring and rapid response to security incidents.

Traffic and logistics control centers
Traffic and logistics control centers are crucial for controlling and monitoring traffic flows and logistics processes. Qvest develops innovative solutions for traffic and logistics control centers that enable efficient process control and optimization.

State-of-the-art control room technology

Qvest relies on state-of-the-art technologies and solutions in control room technology to provide you with a reliable and efficient working environment. From high-resolution displays and ergonomic workstations to intelligent control systems, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to keep your control room up to date and provide you with an optimal working environment.

Modernizing control rooms: Many companies and organizations face the challenge of modernizing existing control rooms to keep pace with changing requirements and technologies. Qvest offers comprehensive solutions for the modernization of control rooms, enabling seamless integration of new technologies and efficient utilization of existing resources. Our clients benefit from tailored solutions that bring control room technology up to date and improve workflows.

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Trust Qvest when it comes to preparing your control room or command center for the future. Our experts are ready to work with you to create an environment where you can operate quickly, safely, and efficiently – no matter what comes your way.


Consulting for control rooms and command centers
Our service begins with comprehensive consultation. We analyze your existing structures and processes, identify areas for improvement, and advise you on the latest technological developments. Our goal is to develop a concept together with you that not only meets the highest security requirements today but also in the future.


Perfect design meets thoughtful planning
Well-thought-out architecture is the foundation of any effective control room or command center. Our team of experienced designers and planners creates spaces that combine ergonomic working conditions with state-of-the-art technology. We place great emphasis on clear structures and optimized workflows to maximize efficiency in every situation.


Integrated control room solutions – seamless and user-centered
Integrating highly complex systems into an existing infrastructure requires a high level of expertise and experience. We have the unique expertise of a leading partner in systems integration for decades. Our experienced team offers comprehensive services – from programming to installation to commissioning of your control room or command center. We ensure that all components work smoothly together and are tailored to the specific needs of your organization.


Service and support for maximum operational reliability
Even after implementation, we stand by your side with our service and support. From regular on-site maintenance to quick assistance with technical issues – our team ensures that your control room or command center remains up-to-date with the latest technology and functions flawlessly. You can rely on your facility to deliver top performance even in emergencies.

Your benefits

Customized consulting and concepts
We understand the specific challenges and requirements in security-related areas and work together with you to develop an individual concept that leaves nothing to be desired.
Forward-looking design and planning solutions
Our experts bring your control room or command center up to date - with ergonomic workstations and efficient processes.
Seamless integration and custom programming
We ensure smooth integration of state-of-the-art technologies into the existing infrastructure and tailor our solutions to your needs.
Reliable service and support
Rely on the continuous operational readiness of your control room: Our service team is always available to ensure maximum security.

Exclusive access to best-of-breed technology

As a certified Crestron partner, we specialize in programming highly specialized media control systems that are perfectly tailored to your new or existing technology environment.

Many of our employees are certified Extron Authorized Programmers, making them recognized experts in the use of Microsoft Visual Studio Code and ControlScript Deployment Utility.

Our excellent support and training services ensure first-class customer service and guarantee the effective utilization of the installed solution.

Example: Integrated control center

We develop control rooms with all necessary components seamlessly integrated to enable efficient monitoring, control, and coordination of resources.

Control system: Central platform supporting various functions such as alarm processing, operation planning, communication, and data management. The control system serves as the hub for all activities and processes in the control room.

Alarm and event management: Part of the control system enabling the capture and processing of emergency calls, alarms, and security-related events. This includes automatic alerting of response teams as well as prioritization and categorization of events.

Communication systems: Comprehensive communication infrastructure facilitating interaction between the control room, on-site response teams, other security agencies, and external partners. This includes radio systems, telephone networks, data transmission systems, and possibly video conferencing systems.

Geographic information systems (GIS): Integration of GIS technologies for visualization and analysis of geographic data. This allows displaying locations of emergencies, response teams, and resources on maps, planning routes, and incorporating geographic information into decision-making processes.

Operation planning and coordination: Software solutions for efficient planning, assignment, and monitoring of response teams and resources. This includes availability checks of personnel and vehicles, operation optimization, and real-time incident tracking.

Video surveillance and security technology: Integration of video surveillance systems, access control systems, and other security technologies to capture, monitor, and record events in real-time.

Emergency call and alerting systems: Technologies for receiving, processing, and forwarding emergency calls and alerts, including automatic location of calls and caller tracing.

Data exchange and integration: Interfaces and protocols for seamless integration with other security systems and data sources, including agencies, service providers, and external organizations.

Redundancy and failover: Measures to ensure continuity and availability of the control system, including redundancy of hardware components, backup power supply, and backup solutions.

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