Qvest as a compass for differentiation and development

Modern business models enable companies better than ever to stay in touch with customers at all touchpoints. The digitization required for this means a comprehensive, long-term and far-reaching change to which there is effectively no alternative from an economic perspective. In addition to technology as an enabler for future-oriented business, this transformation also offers companies the special opportunity to establish a new corporate culture. Qvest accompanies companies along the entire change process with holistic consulting and individual technology solutions.

Change Management: only with people and processes

At Qvest, we are convinced that digitization is not implemented in the corporate environment as an end in itself, but only succeeds when the focus is on employees. The turnaround for better collaboration, efficiency and knowledge transfer can only be achieved with precisely fitting methods and tailored use of technology, as well as a clear definition of short- and medium-term goals.

The organization: establishment and expansion of efficient and future-proof structures

With the help of digital tools and targeted process optimization, the consulting experts at Qvest make international companies fit for the requirements of the future. This also includes the design and development of online-based communication and knowledge platforms that employees can use flexibly, regardless of where they are working.

The mindset: the principle of “Forward thinking”

A digital mindset is important for responding to the growing and changing expectations of target groups and for developing new, intelligent structures. We support our customers by training their employees to meet ever-changing requirements with a digital learning culture.

Digital development: more speed through software and services

Qvest accompanies and supports companies in the development and evaluation of IT strategies and implementation of customized applications. The spectrum ranges from optimization with IT audits, MVP and prototype development to the design of scalable and flexible architectures and comprehensive digital asset management. To this end, Qvest experts implement special workshops and training sessions on the one hand and offer long-term support to companies in implementing their projects along the digital transformation path on the other.

Perception: target group relevance with real, digital and phygital opportunities

Virtual corporate studios, video personalization and interactivity, live contribution and distribution: video marketing is becoming a mainstay in the content strategy and marketing mix of successful brands. The use and perception of moving images has also been fundamentally changed by the digital transformation. For companies, this means they must adapt their strategy for their own content creation, management, and distribution in order to effectively reach customers and business partners.

One decisive factor of such proprietary and exclusive content productions is the full control over the setup and content as well as timing and channels of publication for maximum efficient target group relevance. Physical, digital or hybrid – so-called “phygital” – events offer different dialog opportunities – from the town hall for employees in the company to the annual general meeting or an exclusive product launch.