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We help media entities adapt to and leverage emerging technologies

As a leading media & entertainment consultant, we specialize in digital transformation across the media supply chain. Our expertise spans assessing digital maturity, designing and implementing platforms, and optimizing broadcast infrastructure. With decades of experience, we deliver end-to-end design solutions for clients’ broadcast and studio ecosystems. 

Through seamless transitions and suitable change management approaches, we guide clients through the complexities of the fast-paced media and entertainment world. We empower media entities to thrive in the digital era. With tailored solutions, vast experience and a dedicated team, we maximize potential and drive businesses forward in the evolving industry landscape.

Jon Christian
Jon Christian | Executive Vice President, Qvest.US

We give digital visions and strategies a face, making them real-world tangible. From assessing broadcast or production organizations' digital maturity, to designing, implementing and maintaining an architecture and its components, we bring to life their digital future.

Philipp Glänzel, General Manager - CTO, Qvest MENA
Philipp Glänzel, General Manager - CTO, Qvest MENA
The Rise of Generative AI and its Impact on the Media Industry
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What sets us apart – your benefits

All disciplines required to build successful digital assets

We combine the expertise in building the right things, in a technological excellent way, on a strong architectural foundation, with people who can develop it further.


Missionaries, not mercenaries

We are burning to solve the problems of our customers. Our teams are used to work hand in hand with our clients’ developers.


Knowledge transfer & enablement

We transfer our knowledge about the implementation, technological excellence and agile processes to our clients’ employees.


At home in scaled agile organizations

We know the processes in scaled organizations and how responsibilities are allocated to different roles. Teams are productive starting on day one.

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How Nine Network sets standards with new Sydney headquarters

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