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Digital transformation is unlocking unprecedented opportunities in the television landscape, with Big Tech fueling a surge of innovation. Traditional TV industry participants are capitalizing on this shift in multiple ways: first and foremost by delivering their services OTT – ensuring accessibility for all users across all key devices in the territory.

Over-the-top (OTT) services are media services which are offered directly to viewers via the Internet. They bypass traditional distribution infrastructure such as cable, broadcast, and satellite and provide content on a variety of connected end devices. With our practice, we support two different customer groups in achieving their respective goals with OTT activities: content providers and TV platforms.

Content providers such as broadcasters, TV networks, SVoD services, and AVoD services produce and license content they make available to their audience free of charge (ads) or for a fee (subscription). The OTT solutions we develop for these customers aim to make their content available on all relevant end devices in a consistent user experience. One major challenge we solve is to differentiate with unique features.

TV platforms aggregate content from content providers and make it available. For these clients it is key to offer all relevant TV content in a territory and provide overarching functions like search, recommendation, bundling and others. With the OTT solutions we offer these customers, they make all or parts of the content and overarching functions available on other devices.

Tobias Künkel
Tobias Künkel |CEO, TERAVOLT a Qvest Company

We are all witnesses to the profound changes brought about by the digital transformation in our markets. We are committed to harnessing the potential of this transformation for our clients, by delivering exceptional product innovations that not only captivate end-users but also yield measurable success.

Our key services

Custom Development of OTT Solutions
We design, implement, and operate custom OTT solutions for our clients – from complete end-2-end OTT solutions, to OTT frontends for all connected devices (CTV, STB, web, mobile, and others), to specific backend solutions and innovative product enhancements. When available, we use standard SaaS services that we integrate and enrich with in-house custom developments.
Consulting and Project Support
We support clients in their own OTT product development efforts in areas such as product strategy consulting, product design, implementation, and project management. This includes also market screening for best-of-breed services and RFP support.
Testing and Operations
We offer technical operations and maintenance of web applications according to SLA, quality assurance and 24/7 testing, content operations and material handling as well as end user support. For this we maintain one of Europe’s largest test labs with all relevant CTVs and mobile devices.
Metadata Optimization
We consult our clients in the process of defining better workflows and processes for metadata generation and handling. If required, we support also the ongoing production and curation.
Bianca Wannemacher, Chief Product Officer at Digital News Products/ RTLi/ RTL News

Thanks to the excellent collaboration with TeraVolt and our product team, our viewers can now access a new state-of-the-art HbbTV offering with comprehensive ntv news service in video, text, and images.

Thomas Müller Qvest
Interview with Thomas Müller, CTO Qvest
The Converging Worlds of Content Production and OTT Technologies
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The development of video apps is offered by many market players. Unlike all the others, we offer a full range of OTT services from product strategy consulting, concept and implementation to technical operations, maintenance, testing, and customer support.


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