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We build digital assets to provide lasting value for your business

The technology products and digital business models that we create and implement add lasting value to the business of our clients. This practice combines all the expertise needed to create successful digital assets: Our multidisciplinary approach will build the right solution for your business on the strongest architectural foundation.

What sets us apart is our fast, iterative, and results-driven mehtodology, ensuring that clients get tangible outcomes in a short period of time based on their feedback. We deliver the right strategy and seamless connections to the core business.

We are comfortable working in scaled agile organizations, where we can collaborate easily and be productive from day one. Our team consists of passionate experts who are committed to solving the problems of our customers, which is why we prioritize knowledge transfer and enablement. We pass on our knowledge about the implementation, technological excellence, and agile processes to our clients’ employees, ensuring that they can develop their digital assets further without relying on external partners.

This makes us a reliable partner to build, develop, and maintain successful digital assets that meet our customers’ specific needs.

Unsere Key Services

Digital Product Consulting
We assist businesses in overcoming challenges in product strategy, user experience, and agile project management. With us, they can identify digital solutions that fuel their growth and easily determine the right software solution to build.
Agile Consulting
We establish agile organizational systems, improve processes, and help leadership implement agile structures. With expertise in Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, Spotify, and Scrum of Scrums, we create an enjoyable and self-reliant work environment that embraces experimentation and change.
Technology Consulting
We assist businesses in leveraging cloud technology to quickly develop digital assets. Our IT strategy ensures fast results, fluent scalability and enhanced security. Efficient resource management helps navigate the complexities of cloud architecture.
Software Development
We develop custom software to meet specific company needs, prioritizing user experience and technical excellence. By working closely with clients, we create future-proof solutions that address their unique challenges. Our fast results and knowledge transfer empower clients and ensure implementation success.
Dr. Stefan Barth | Chief Operating Officer, Qvest Digital AG

Software is the basis of the infrastructure of the 21st century. Despite this, software development is still seen as a cost factor rather than an innovation factor. We develop software solutions that form the basis for increased productivity – and thus create value.

What sets us apart – your benefits

All disciplines required to build successful digital assets

Our multidisciplinary approach will build the right digital product for your business on the strongest architectural foundation.


Missionaries, not mercenaries

Our mission is to solve your problems. Teams are used to working hand in hand with our clients’ developers


Knowledge transfer & enablement

We transfer our knowledge about the implementation, technological excellence, and agile processes to our clients’ employees.


At home in scaled agile organizations

We know the processes in scaled organizations and how responsibilities are allocated to different roles. Teams are productive starting from day one.

Torsten Hamper | CTO Cross Channel, toom Baumarkt GmbH

Our cooperation has been characterized by deep trust, commitment, and quality. The project team enjoys breaking new ground and thinking 'out of the box'. They have accompanied us from the beginning on our way to becoming the best cross channel DIY retailer in Germany.

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