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Managing projects of any kind and size

The Project Management & PMO practice is committed to delivering technical solutions and all related services that a customer needs. This includes comprehensive advice and services regarding the preparation, organization, and implementation of projects as well as commercial monitoring and support. Our goal is to offer all necessary services or provide the framework for integrating such services, acting as a general contractor with all our expertise.

Our team members are integration projects specialists. They can cover complete end-to-end project delivery from initial design and planning to tendering processes, evaluation, subcontracting, and rigorous quality control. As the single point of contact, we coordinate with various subcontractors and manage their services while maintaining full transparency with our clients.

We ensure each step aligns with the client's strategic objectives and industry standards. With our commitment to superior results and accountability, we stand as the preferred project management partner for businesses seeking a seamless journey through digital transformation. Our practice is a beacon of expertise in managing complex projects efficiently and effectively while prioritizing client satisfaction.

Project Steering & Management
Norman Tettenborn
Norman Tettenborn | Principal

We cover all needs to manage and organize a project in terms of time, cost, and customer satisfaction, navigating the complexities of large-scale projects and ensuring each step aligns with strategic objectives and industry standards. Our practice provides all relevant services with high knowledge in how to manage projects as well as how to prepare them and how to track all relevant tasks with maximum transparency.

Our key services

Pre-Start and Tendering Process Management
Our consulting activities can start at a very early stage – to clarify how a project can be launched and what preparations need to be made. We manage the entire tendering process, from drafting and issuing tender documents to evaluating proposals. Our comprehensive approach ensures the selection of the most competent and cost-effective subcontractors for the project.
Subcontractor Coordination and Management
We streamline the involvement of various subcontractors, managing their services and timelines. Through effective coordination, we ensure the seamless integration of all services and maintain the project's quality and efficiency.
End-to-End Design and Planning
We oversee the complete design and planning process of large-scale integration projects. Our experts ensure that the architectural design aligns with the client's objectives and industry standards, setting the foundation for a successful implementation.
Project Management and Quality Control
We organize and drive projects in time, cost, quality, and customer satisfaction. Rigorous quality control measures are implemented at each stage of the project. Our team continuously monitors and reviews the work of all involved parties, ensuring adherence to the highest standards.
What sets us apart – your benefits

Single point of contact

We act as the sole point of contact for clients, managing all subcontractors and ensuring clear communication and smooth coordination throughout the project.


In-depth experience from both customer and supplier side

As we’ve worked on both customer and supplier side in any project phase, we understand the different perspectives and possible complications – and how to solve them successfully.


Unique combination of project and technical skills

As consultant, system integrator, and general contractor, we combine a multi-layered know-how from these areas of expertise and can access the appropriate resources at any time.


Good market and price overview

We have an international and up-to-date knowledge of prices since we trade in many regions and are in regular contact with varied local suppliers.

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