Background information and media assets

General information about the Qvest Group, the worldwide locations and especially about members of the company can be found in this section. For all inquiries regarding press relations and marketing, the Qvest Marketing & PR team can be reached at any time.

Qvest Group Management

Christian Boris Hönig
CFO, Qvest Group
Thomas Müller CTO Qvest Group
Thomas Müller
CTO, Qvest Group
Peter Nöthen CEO Qvest Group
Peter Nöthen
CEO, Qvest Group

Worldwide Qvest representatives

Vanessa Fiola Qvest.US
Vanessa Fiola
Executive Vice President, Qvest.US
Philipp Glänzel CTO Qvest MENA
Philipp Glänzel
General Manager – CTO, Qvest MENA
Konstantin Knauf Managing Director Qvest Europe
Konstantin Knauf
Managing Director, Qvest Europe
Jon Christian Qvest.US
Jon Christian
Executive Vice President, Qvest.US
Jawid Mahmoodzada Managing Director Qvest Europe
Jawid Mahmoodzada
Managing Director, Qvest Europe
Frank Mistol
Managing Director, Qvest Stream GmbH
Frank Leal Qvest.US
Frank Leal
Executive Vice President, Qvest.US
Christophe Ponsart Qvest.US
Christophe Ponsart
Executive Vice President, Qvest.US
Candice Lu Qvest US
Candice Lu
Executive Vice President, Qvest.US
Ahmad Hadi Al Kayal CSO Qvest MENA
Ahmad Hadi Al Kayal
General Manager - CSO, Qvest MENA
Head of Marketing
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Your media contact at Qvest

Björn Korb
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