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Making your business grow with tailored solutions

We address the increasing demand from clients seeking analysis and reconstruction of CX & CRM, Salesforce orgs built by other vendors. Our approach goes far beyond technology implementation: We collaborate closely with clients to enhance business processes, ensuring that technology aligns seamlessly with their unique CRM requirements. Through our extensive industry knowledge and best practices, we have developed accelerators that significantly reduce design and implementation time, allowing our clients to achieve rapid business value.

Unlike generalist CX & CRM, Salesforce practices, our team consists of subject matter experts in media and entertainment (M&E), along with comprehensive knowledge of methodologies specific to this industry. What sets us apart is that all our M&E functional resources are Salesforce configurators. This distinctive expertise empowers us to deliver tailored solutions that drive immediate results, while also considering the long-term success of our clients within the rapidly evolving M&E landscape.

With our help, clients transform their Salesforce organization, optimize business processes, and unlock the full potential of M&E operations. They experience the power of specialized expertise tailored to their industry and embark on a journey of accelerated business growth and innovation.

Our key services

Strategy and Process Analysis
We comprehensively examine current state processes, thus identifying pain points and improvement opportunities. Our unique expertise in the media industry enables us to define future processes that follow best practices and increase the efficiency of our clients’ operations.
Requirements Definition
Our experts conduct targeted working sessions with the client to identify and document the business requirements for the features, functionalities, and capabilities to meet the long-term vision and strategy for the Salesforce implementation.
Salesforce Data Strategy
Our Data Strategy service encompasses data backup, disaster recovery, storage, master data, archival, and encryption. We analyze client needs, identify optimal solutions, and develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure data integrity, security, and accessibility.
Salesforce Assessments & Architecture Strategy
We offer a comprehensive assessment of existing Salesforce implementations, providing expert recommendations for consolidation and optimization. This ensures that clients have all the facts before taking the next step in their project.

Salesforce Data Strategy

Salesforce Data Strategy

Additional services

Focused on customers' needs

Implementation and Configuration
We implement and configure Salesforce cloud platforms, such as Media Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, using an agile approach to ensure efficient and effective results.

Custom Development
To provide custom development solutions using Apex programing, Visualforce pages and Lightning components that meet more complex business requirements, we utilize nearshore developers.

Administration and DevOps
Our teams assess clients’ current DevOps processes and provide best-practice recommendations and hands-on DevOps support and management for client Salesforce orgs.

UI & UX Design and Development
We conduct comprehensive UI & UX design workshops and value stream mapping exercises to ensure optimal screen flow and application efficiency, develop detailed wireframes and implement UI & UX solution.

Salesforce Mobile Solutions
The Salesforce mobile solutions we deliver provide users with access to key features and data through their mobile devices.

Vanessa Fiola
Vanessa Fiola | Executive Vice President, Qvest.US

In today’s world of personalized, real time and fluid data, marketing teams need to be able to understand, dissect and execute meaningful reporting. We help them efficiently target segmented customers based on behaviors and campaign trends for a better, personalized brand experience.

Holistic, integrated and ready to use

Testing, Reporting and Analytics
We develop and execute comprehensive test strategies across all software testing phasesa and integrate Salesforce with reporting solutions like Tableau and MicroStrategy to meet complex client reporting needs and leverage CRM Analytics for business potential. 

Training and Change Management
Tailor-made strategies for end-user training and change management ensure a successful implementation with high user involvement.

Product Management
We manage the full product lifecycle of a Salesforce application, from working with cross-functional client teams to identify requirements, through managing the development, deployment and support of prioritized features to ensure the application meets the needs of customers and achieves business goals.

Overall Delivery Management
Our end-to-end project management of all aspects of the Salesforce implementation lifecycle (from ideation through delivery) ensures the project is completed on time, within budget and meets stakeholder expectations.

Our Technology Partners

What sets us apart – your benefits

Industry expertise

Our team comprises M&E subject matter experts, providing specialized knowledge and understanding of your unique challenges and opportunities.


Missionaries, not mercenaries

We are burning to solve the problems of our customers. Our teams are used to work hand in hand with our clients’ developers.


Media Cloud experience

Media Cloud is a new Salesforce platform tailored for the M&E space. We are one of a few companies with direct Media Cloud implementation experience.


Efficient implementation

Leveraging our accelerators built on industry knowledge and best practices, we reduce design and implementation time, enabling you to achieve value faster.


Future-focused solutions

We keep an eye on the future of the industry, ensuring that our solutions are scalable, adaptable, and position your organization for long-term Salesforce success.

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