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Top Releases: AI

The Evolution of AI: Driving Digital Transformation

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing digital transformation, empowering businesses to streamline operations and enhance decision-making processes. Through AI-powered technologies, organizations can harness data insights, automate repetitive tasks, and deliver personalized experiences, driving innovation and efficiency in the digital age.

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Relieving Call Centers with AI

Discover how our ChatGPT-powered VoiceBot with Azure AI Speech transforms call center operations: reducing workload, enhancing customer experience,…

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The rise of Generative AI

In an era defined by digital acceleration, media and entertainment industries are standing at the crossroads of a transformative journey.

Tech Insight
Nine Network News Office

The future is AI

To remain competitive, newsroom teams need to implement solutions and workflows that are easier, faster, and more flexible and seamless.

Tech Insight

Get started with GenAI

GenAI will transform media operations, but only if media companies consider employees from inception to implementation

Tech Insight

Proof of concepts propel GenAI

Broadcast, media and entertainment companies are using task forces and proof of concepts to accelerate and scale GenAI.

User Story

Data extraction with AI

Artificial intelligence and automation are paving the way for the future of efficient data processing at Bank11.

User Story

News production with AI

Mediacorp, Voice Interaction and Qvest develop an artificial intelligence-powered video editing solution that automates labor-intensive tasks.

Qvest Talk
The Rise of Generative AI and its Impact on the Media Industry
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Every great project begins with an even better story

User Story

TVNZ's new OTT platform

Qvest helps TVNZ realize a cutting-edge OTT streaming platform for live coverage of national and international sports events

Project Case

Tech Consulting EU Parliament

With the media infrastructure renewal project, Qvest provides strategic and technology decision support and help to shape the technology roadmap.

Project Case
CGN Airport

AOCC CGN Airport

Qvest designs and installs state-of-the-art Airport Operation Control Center

Project Case
WELT Studio

WELT media infrastructure

Qvest is plans and realises one of the most innovative platforms for news channels in the new Axel Springer building in Berlin.

Project Case

Color grading for SWR

Qvest is commissioned by the public broadcaster to implement the technical infrastructure for professional color correction.

Project Case
Asharq News mobile Live-Production Set-up

Mobile live production solution

Qvest is developing a versatile production environment with remote connectivity for news broadcasting and live streaming at the highest level.

Project Case
Qvest reference Herold Studios

The sound makes the movie

Qvest implements future-proof post-production technology for renowned Herold Studios.

User Story

TVMonaco on air

Qvest assists with the launch of TVMonaco. The first public-service television channel in the principality reaches 400 million households worldwide.

Project Case
Ringier Controlling Office

Switzerland’s first digital news

Always up-to-date, always close with a fully integrated production system: Qvest implements streaming channel for Blick TV.

User Story

World-class studio for TNN

Qvest brings to life a new production environment in Bangkok, meeting the highest standards in technology, design concept, and work atmosphere.

Project Case
VRT Building

Innovation partnership with VRT

How can ideal framework conditions for innovations be created? To find this out, VRT and Qvest entered an innovation partnership.

Project Case

User-friendly digital archive

Based on an intuitive UX design we helped the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision to roll-out a new and user-friendly research portal.

User Story

European League of Football

Qvest assists the European League of Football to adapt to evolving audience preferences with makalu, the cloud-based playout automation.

User Story

Sounds like Hollywood

New audio formats enable very new experiences. Qvest ensures sound on Hollywood level by implementing high-quality mixing consoles in sound studios.

User Story

Reach for the stars

In the Halle Planetarium, visitors go on impressive journeys of discovery through space. Qvest orchestrated the integration of the state-of-the-art…

Project Case
Sky Sport film studio

A new era in live production

Together with Sky, Qvest realized one of the most modern and largest broadcast IT infrastructures for live sports in Europe.

User Story

Greener logistics

Comprehensive IoT monitoring for TRAILAR creates complete transparency regarding fuel savings in vehicle fleets.

User Story

Data extraction with AI

Artificial intelligence and automation are paving the way for the future of efficient data processing at Bank11.