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How IT experts float on “cloud nine”

These clouds are not fluffy and white but offer flexible workflows: cloud computing can push services and business models in companies of any size to a new level and thus marks a major pillar of any digital transformation strategy. But before benefiting from its flexibility and scalability, the integration of cloud services involves changes to net­work architecture, IT service management, and the way data is stored and accessed. With their cloud expert team, Qvest helps customers and especially their staff to reach new highs.

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Cloud Management: Deep Dive

Cloud computing requires a constant re-evaluation of how to design and deploy solutions to benefit from its advantages.

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Cloud consulting framework

Cloud computing offers numerous opportunities for optimization and innovation, but dealing with it can be overwhelming for companies.

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Cloud pop-up channel deployment

How can pop-up and event channels be deployed quickly and cost-effectively in the cloud? Check out the Tech Insight!

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Entertainment on the High Seas

Equipping a cruise ship with a full entertainment infrastructure means organizational, technical and logistical superlatives. “Welcome aboard, Qvest!”…

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Breaking news!

Full IP structure, cloud solutions, seamless workflows: Qvest made Asharq News the leading broadcaster of business news in the Arabic-speaking world.

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color grading suite for SWR

Color grading suite for SWR

SWR relies on innovative technologies and workflows for color grading – and a cutting-edge infrastructure implemented by Qvest.

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Theater upgrade with audio setup

A new stage management system made the traditional theater in Zurich flexible and future-proof and thus already able to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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Broadcasting Infrastructure Experts

Highest standards "down under"

With Qvest, Australia's leading broadcaster Nine Network has made its headquarters future-proof with a new post-production and newsroom environment.

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Surround sound control via app

Hear, hear! Spatial Sound Design can be a complex process. Qvest helped to develop an app that allows live sound experts to control and automation.