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Konstantin Knauf started at Qvest as a student and is now one of the managing directors. In this interview, he talks about what young professionals need to bring with them, what they can expect and how they are supported.

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How IT experts float on “cloud nine”

These clouds are not fluffy and white but offer flexible workflows: cloud computing can push services and business models in companies of any size to a new level and thus marks a major pillar of any digital transformation strategy. But before benefiting from its flexibility and scalability, the integration of cloud services involves changes to net­work architecture, IT service management, and the way data is stored and accessed. With their cloud expert team, Qvest helps customers and especially their staff to reach new highs.

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Concepts of cloud computing

Anything but fluffy, white clouds: Cloud computing stands for more than the provision of storage space via the Internet.

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Cloud pop-up channel deployment

How can pop-up and event channels be deployed quickly and cost-effectively in the cloud? Check out the Tech Insight!

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Cloud consulting framework

Cloud computing offers numerous opportunities for optimization and innovation, but dealing with it can be overwhelming for companies.

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Outernet London

London Calling

Outernet London offers completely new immersive entertainment. Qvest is responsible for the technical conception of the cross-location and cross-media backbone.

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Mediacorp Remote Editing

Remote Editing enables Mediacorp to stay fast, flexible, secure, and collaborative when working remotely.

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color grading suite for SWR

Color grading suite for SWR

SWR relies on innovative technologies and workflows for color grading – and a cutting-edge infrastructure implemented by Qvest.

User Story

Brave new WELT

Qvest has planned, configured, and implemented the media infrastructure in the new Axel Springer building. WELT is using COTS technology and an ST 2110 architecture

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smive car subscription

smive - car subscription

An intuitive online portal helping you get a hassle-free car subscription: Thanks to tarent, a QVEST company, this idea has gained ground – from prototype to go live.

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Surround sound control via app

Hear, hear! Spatial Sound Design can be a complex process. Qvest helped to develop an app that allows live sound experts to control and automation.