TVXRAY – the Gen Z upgrade to your broadcast

TVXRAY Broadcast Solution

Personalized live sports viewing

TVXRAY offers the most personalized sports viewing experience.

  • AI-based SaaS solutios
  • Easy OTT integration
  • On any device
  • Works for football and other sports

Using interactive layer technology

TVXRAY’s SDK integrates smoothly into any existing App, Video Player and OVP.

  • Never lose eye contact: All live date on one single screen 
  • Sports hub: Easy match switch and catch-up of highlights at any time 
  • Personalized video alerts, according to individual preference of viewers 
  • For any viewing habit, from linear to lean-in Gen Z engagement 
  • Patented highlight engine: Highlight consumption during live, from interactive timeline or play-by-play highlight list 
  • Triggering engagement
  • Best leverage of sports content across all channels on video platform 
TVXRAY showreel 2023
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Relevant and interactive content for any viewer

TV, set-top box, mobile, and web

TVXRAY lets viewers decide what is relevant. ​It addresses all different viewing habits, from 
traditional sports consumption to the needs of Gen Z.

Features include:

  • AI-based interactive timeline
  • Auto-highlight technology
  • Video alerts of concurrent matches
  • Interactive sports data on demand
  • Gamified player KPI

Assurance of attention

  • There is no reason for a second screen. ​Viewers find everything relevant inside TVXRAY.
  • The bouquet of personal choices, on-demand widgets and different video formats – all completely interactive – assures that the viewers' attention remains on your content.

In cooperation with us, Bundesliga launched its product for football fans: DFL Interactive Feed provides a completely new way to watch live football

TVXRAY powers Bundesliga's award-winning solution
DFL Interactive Feed
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Steffen Merkel | Member of the DFL Management Board

This innovation is yet more proof that the DFL develops its media products in close cooperation with its media partners.

More features for your broadcast

AI-based Interactive Timeline
Auto-Highlight Technology
Interactive Sports Data On Demand
Video Alerts of Concurrent Matches
Upgrade your platform for Multi Sport Events
AI-based interactive timeline
  • Clickable icons for key highlights
  • Providing structure & orientation
  • Triggering engagement
  • Accessible with one tap, click or press
  • Live and on-demand​
Auto-highlight technology
  • Patented Auto-Highlight algorithm​
  • Dynamic highlight clips in real-time​
  • Relevance factors for each clip
Video alerts of concurrent matches
  • Customized feed: preferred matches and choice of key incidents​
  • Individual picture-in-picture pop-up alerts​
  • Viewers stay up to date about any other live game
Interactive sports data on demand
  • Always at the fingertips of each viewer
  • Visualization of any sort of sports data in your own CI/CD. ​Always in sync with the video
  • Continued engagement inside your content
  • Deep understanding of the game
Gamified player KPI
  • Player performance shown in the format of video games
  • Compare live player and average season performance for each tactical position ​
  • Upgrade options for live social media engagement
Upgrade your platform for multi sport events
  • Your Hub with a customizable news section, video alerts, highlights and medal table
  • Live video alerts with important information on other channels, available as picture-in-picture
  • Personalization of content for individual teams/nations, sports, events and athletes
  • Other types of sports or events are possible as ready-to-use applications for all applicable platforms.
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