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Benefit from a pure software-defined, cost-effective and highly automated playout automation for broadcasters and content providers of any kind and size:

With Makalu, you can simply spin up TV channels in the cloud, configure them and start distributing content once the assets are loaded – a process that can take as little as a few minutes.

Our Cloud Playout solution is based on a manufacturer-independent, service-oriented architecture to achieve a maximum level of flexibility and scalability.

Makalu – the flexible Cloud Playout solution
Create live linear channels quickly and easily. With the quality and reliability you expect from a traditional broadcast solution.

Go on air fast. And pay as you go.

Makalu is not only scalable and expandable at will, it also comes in combination with qibb as an integration platform with ready-to-use building blocks for professional media workflows. qibb enables optimal hosting as well as efficient operation of the required cloud-based playout channels to the required scope.

Makalu runs on most public or hosted private clouds and on virtualized environments.

Fast and easy

Launch linear channels on leading free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) platforms such as The Roku Channel, Samsung TV Plus, Pluto TV, Xumo, Redbox, and STIRR.


Ingest, graphics, transcoding, captions, loudness control, opt-out triggers – Cloud Playout offers all features of playout automation.


Universally applicable and suitable, e.g. for broadcasters, content providers, carriers and news agencies. Open RESTful API Interface to connect to 3rd-party application.


Adapt to changing business requirements much faster and more cost efficient than with any physical on-prem system and cover bigger events or weekly productions with a fully scalable solution – both up and down.

Different scenarios. One solution.

Cloud Playout process
Our Cloud Playout meets your challenges
The perfect solution for pop-up and event channel live streaming, opt-out channels, linear live channels, disaster recovery and FAST channels
  • Highly scalable and flexible solution
  • Launch new channels at short notice and cost-effectively
  • Easy integration through various interfaces to existing products/infrastructure
  • Run channels using a browser without a tech department
  • Launch linear OTT channels on leading free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) platforms as well as native apps
  • Centrally manage multi-country feeds: Deliver content directly to the operators using true cloud or edge playout. Both options offer remote playout management.
  • Improve efficiency of large broadcast operations: Manage hundreds of feeds and scale up at will using cloud and automated processes for QC and monitoring

Pop-up and event channel live streaming

Reach a large audience by streaming live events:

Makalu enables a full featured end-to-end signal workflow – from ingest to distribution – and covers several aspects of media supply chain, like e.g. planning, creation, editing, storage, media management, graphics, transcoding, playout and distribution.

  • Perfect fit for short-term capacity expansion for temporary or recurring events and productions
  • Start channels at short notice when they are actually needed – and shut them down afterwards
  • Location-independent cooperation between locally distributed teams for tasks like ingest, multichannel scheduling and playout
Tech Insight

Cloud Pop-Up Channels

FAST channels

Monetize your content by launching an ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) or free ad-supported linear streaming TV (FAST) channel

  • Launch and easily maintain channels for FAST platforms
  • Increase your target audience reach via widely available platforms (e.g. Samsung TV Plus, LG, ROKU, pluto tv and many more)
  • Use insertion of SCTE35 based ad markers that allow downstream systems to replace the original content with targeted ads

Playout disaster recovery

Use our Cloud Playout solution for disaster recovery. The traffic component contains an XML importer that automatically converts the playlists of 3rd party main and backup systems.

  • Switched operational in only a few minutes
  • A permanent sync of your assets and playlist ensures to go live at any time
  • Pay for what you use and mitigate the risk of exploring new distribution outlets

Full cost control

Cloud platform dashboard
Don't pay more than necessary
Cloud Playout with Qvest helps you to efficiently manage and optimize your IT costs.
  • Only pay for the services and resources you need
  • Get full cost transparency with the qibb Cost Control dashboard
  • Gain cost predictability through TCO estimates based on your requirements
  • Scheduled processes includes automatic shutdown on inactivity
  • Save time and hassle: One partner, one contract

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