Qvest provide media strategic and technology consulting to the European Parliament to support its digital transformation

Published - 12. Sep 2019
Cologne/Strasbourg, 12 September 2019: Qvest, a world-leading systems architect and ICT Media integrator, will provide the consulting for the European Parliament in the strategic and innovative development of their broadcast and multimedia infrastructures. The four-year consulting agreement comprises the services provision for the parliamentary offices in both Brussels and Strasbourg.

Key to the Parliament’s decision to select Qvest as their consultant are the company’s longstanding experience, expertise and methodology in digital workflow transformation in media, which is further supported by a holistic approach, global industry insight, and a strong international partner network. With the media infrastructure renewal project at the Strasbourg and Brussels offices, Qvest will provide strategic and technology decision support and help to shape the technology roadmap for the coming years.

Qvest’s consultants and systems architects will support the European Parliament ambition to achieve future proof workflows on a networked, transparent media architecture that supports location-independent collaborative work. The objective is to introduce innovative technologies in order to establish more efficient working conditions for media organizations and news representatives. In addition, new technologies like UHD/HDR or multi-platform distribution & streaming will be adapted. The scheduled migration of the SDI network to an all-IP infrastructure is part of the future system design.

Project objectives also cover the evaluation of future technologies such as AI, machine learning and the definition of a consistent data strategy for the new, cross-system media management. The transforming media consumption behavior and its effects on the communication strategy of the Parliament is incorporated in the consulting approach from a strategic perspective as well.

For this purpose, Qvest business consultants analyze different infrastructure- and operation model variants regarding cost efficiency and profitability together with their effects on the environment. Along the lines of the EMAS scheme (Environmental Management System), a reduction of energy consumption and pollutant emissions is the declared objective of the European Parliament.  Qvest consultants will in this context also assess together with the European Parliament teams, potential saving opportunities by expanding solutions for remote production to minimize the physical transport of media equipment and travelling staff between the locations Brussels and Strasbourg.

For the subsequent system integration and the training of the operating staff, Qvest will support the European Parliament with a team of technical experts and project managers. Moreover, change management is a vital component of the transformation process that will be supported by Qvest.