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Qvest cloud playout automation in use at the virtual gamescom 2020

Freaks 4U Gaming simultaneously streamed on six different Twitch and YouTube channels using a flexible cloud playout solution.

Thanks to the flexible pay-as-you-go model, costs were incurred only for the actual usage during the five-day event. The concept of cloud playout automation is therefore not only perfect for permanent deployment but also as pop-up channel playout for the short-term capacity expansion for temporary or recurring events and productions.

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The launch and operation of digital channels with Qvest's cloud playout automation is straightforward: book, set up, stream – and you're ready to go.

For the social media live streaming of their Gamevasion program during the virtual gamescom 2020, the esports and gaming agency Freaks 4U Gaming effortlessly expanded their streaming capacities using Qvest's Cloud Playout Automation. The pop-up channel playout was implemented on the integration platform for media workflows qibb, which orchestrates cloud-based applications from various manufacturers for ingest, playout, automation, and graphics, ensuring a cost-effective and scalable workflow.

"Flexible and intuitive like no other solution"

The playout of video content with the Qvest solution can be distributed in various formats and resolutions across numerous channels such as OTT, Broadcast, Social Media, or IPTV.

"We have worked with various streaming and playout solutions, but none of them was as flexible and intuitive as Qvest's Cloud Playout solution," said Timo Krey, Senior Broadcast Engineer and responsible for Gamevasion at Freaks 4U Gaming. "For playout, we needed to seamlessly switch between multiple streams produced in the studios in Berlin and Hamburg. With Qvest's cloud solution, we took our first steps together and were very pleased with the launch. The location-independent collaboration of distributed teams, especially for tasks like ingest, multichannel scheduling, and playout went smoothly.“

Gamevasion was streamed live and parallel to gamescom, which took place digitally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In collaboration with their partners, Freaks 4U Gaming produced and streamed more than 80 hours of live content. Partners included the gaming agency INSTINCT3, the live streaming channel Rocket Beans TV, and influencers HandOfBlood, Maxim, Rewinside, and Trymacs. Together, they reach approximately four million Twitch subscribers and around 7.5 million YouTube subscribers.

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