Secure SSO with Keycloak

Daniel Clasen
Technology Consultant
Published 4. March 2024

Keycloak - customizable and secure identity and access management

The white paper describes the implementation of an own Single-Sign-On solution with the help of Keycloak and compares it to other SaaS based approaches. Qvest has experience in development of Keycloak customizations and the operation of scaling Keycloak instances, providing benefits for both your customers but also for your employees


Cloud computing, mobile applications and networked systems are expanding. This makes managing user identities and access rights more complicated and demanding. Companies require a professional, flexible and economic identity and access management (IAM) to provide security for their digital space, but which IAM solution is appropriate?

This white paper explains the basic concepts of IAM, highlights the role of identity and access management in modern IT infrastructures, briefly outlines common software solutions and the possibilities for individualization as customer IAM, and presents the free open source software Keycloak as managed service. This white paper also highlights the features, benefits and use cases of Keycloak. With the knowledge presented here, companies can make a more informed decision about their IAM strategy.

Importance of IAM in modern IT-Infrastructures

Adhere to compliance regulations, guarantee data security according to the strict guidelines such as GDPR and optimize the user experience: IAM is crucial to fulfill these requirements. Companies implementing a reliable IAM system increase their security, improve productivity and customer satisfaction, and comply with regulatory requirements such as GDPR (EU Data Protection Regulation), HIPAA (US Health Information Protection Act), and PCI DSS (Security Standard for credit card transactions).

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KEYCLOAK - Simple and secure identity and access management
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