Remote Editing, next level

The enterprise solution for cloud-based editing

Video editing has never been more easy, more efficient, and more powerful! Work wherever you are via custom dashboards, access high-perfomance workstations instantly, connect editors at different sites, protect your data – and even save money in the long run.

Speedy, strong, scalable

Benefit from a cloud-native Remote Editing enterprise solution that comes with unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and customizability! Remote Editing offers Adobe workflows, project management, cost management, and much more merged into one service package. All relevant components are tied together by qibb. This powerful cloud management platform is designed for the greatest possible openness and flexibility, enabling a smooth and flawless user experience, streamlining your workflows, and giving you full cost control.

This is how it works for you:

Remote Editing
Wherever you want, whenever you want, as fast as you want

Get to know our Remote Editing solution especially designed for broadcasters and publishers, network agencies, brands, and postproduction companies! It contains the full range of Adobe Premiere Pro functions – but as a cloud-native solution.

Highest flexibility

Remote editing for anyone, anywhere, anytime

Total scalability

From 1 to unlimited workstations and back in no time

Fast delivery

Quick standard set-up and deployment

Full cost control

Expense monitoring and transparency via a unique dashboard

Certified security

High-security virtual workstations

Proven expertise

Various standard and customized set-ups already installed

It's like on-premises – only better

Creativity in the cloud
Work in hi-res instead of using proxies, send large files to the cloud, enjoy quick hi-res rendering.
  • Familiar user interface and full functionality of Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Unlimited access to your Adobe Creative Cloud apps
  • Instant access to Cloud Editing workstations
  • Frame accurate editing in real-time
  • Multiple render output options and powerful rendering performance
  • Using up to 3 UHD monitors
  • Unlimited storage and archival support to meet your workflow needs
  • Ultra-fast access to projects and asset files with LucidLink
  • No more data loss thanks to permanent cloud back-up
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Qvest is an Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video and Audio

More than just Remote Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

The Qvest solution offers far more than just editing. Simply add the applications you need for your workflow.

  • Full integration of Adobe Creative Cloud applications
  • Great project management in the background with Helmut4 – manage projects, create profiles, manage preferences, restore backups, etc.
  • Easy implementation of 3rd party apps

Easy collaboration

Bringing together great talents from around the world has never been so easy. Remote work and collaboration now is a piece of cake.

  • Work wherever you are, whenever you want
  • Collaborate with other creatives
  • And it’s great for your work life balance too
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Performance to your needs

Easy management
Our Cloud Editing solution for remote work runs on qibb, the cloud application management and orchestration platform that adapts smoothly to your system and cloud requirements.
  • Infrastructure agnostic – use of public cloud provider of choice, e.g. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, your own tech stack, or private cloud
  • Fully pre-integrated workflow with apps including Adobe Premiere Pro, LucidLink, Teradici, Leostream, and Helmut4
  • Decide for a customized solution for further integration freedom for applications of your choice
  • Manage rules and scale cloud resources up and down to the needs and demands of your teammates
  • Save time by using pre-configured workstations with storage and project management systems
  • Automate workflows by scheduling the provision of workstations
  • Intelligent concept open for future developments

Support and maintenance by your side

Just lean back – we plan, design, and configure your Cloud Editing architecture according to your ideas.

  • Full-service installation and initial deployment
  • Service plan with continuous updates, patches and bug fixes
  • Maintenance contract and live support on request
  • Admin trainings on request

Rely on industry-leading security

Solutions from Qvest always meet the highest security requirements.

  • High-security virtual workstations
  • No more data loss due to permanent cloud backup
  • GDPR compliant hosting if required
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Full cost control

Don't pay more than necessary
Cloud Editing with Qvest helps you to efficiently manage and optimize your IT costs.
  • Only pay for the services and resources you need
  • Get full cost transparency with the qibb Cost Control dashboard
  • Gain cost predictability through TCO estimates based on your requirements
  • Scheduled processes includes automatic shutdown on inactivity
  • Save time and hassle: One partner, one contract

Shift investments from CapEx to OpEx

Become independent from ever shorter product innovation cycles and replace substantial upfront investments with predictable monthly fees.

  • Save enormously on hardware & software investments – runs on any notebook
  • Allocate cloud resources to your needs
Environmentally friendly
Generate less CO2 than on-prem editing solutions produce

The best news broadcasters worldwide rely on us

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