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Published 24. August 2022

How broadcasters gain unrivaled flexibility with remote editing

More and more broadcasters, publishers, network agencies, in-house content studios, and post production specialists want to edit video files with complete flexibility in a highly intuitive and efficient way wherever they work. For them, cloud editing will be the new normal.
This also applies to Mediacorp's Channel News Asia team: In their 24/7 online news channel business, workflows need to be highly efficient regardless of location. 
Learn how Mediacorp stays fast, secure, and collaborative when working remotely with Remote Editing by Qvest.

First-class solution for the country’s number one broadcaster

Mediacorp is Singapore’s largest content creator and national media network. It operates eight TV channels, 13 radio stations, an OTT platform, and Channel News Asia (CNA), a 24/7 online news channel. The first and oldest broadcaster in the country is headquartered in the high technology cluster one-north and employs more than 3,000 professionals, including 300 plus journalists. The all-cloud video editing solution from Qvest has powered Mediacorp’s newsroom to an even higher performance level.

Situated in the main campus building, the newsroom covers almost 80,000 m2 and is equipped with more than 100 workstations for editing and post production alone. News producers can now work more flexibly and faster than ever – without compromising data security or user experience. Moreover, new virtual editing suites also pave the way for Mediacorp to implement significantly more efficient, collaborative, and remote workflows at Channel News Asia.

Collaboration plus seamless workflows plus project management

The new Remote Editing solution had to ensure collaboration, a seamless workflow and project management for Adobe Premiere Pro projects – and it does. Qvest tailored the system design to meet Mediacorp’s requirements to be flexibly adaptable for other departments to use. “Ever-faster production cycles in the media landscape and limited resources, both in the technological supply chain and in terms of skilled staff, call for new solutions”, says Thomas Müller, CTO at Qvest Group.

Remote Editing - how it works

Same performance as the on-premises solution

With Remote Editing, post production creatives enjoy the same performance as in the previous on-premises environment thanks to highly integrated virtual workstations. The solution combines various media applications for a seamless cloud-based editing workflow: Adobe Premiere Pro and other Adobe Products, a cloud NAS designed for high-performance workloads, project and cost management tools, and scalable cloud resources are comprised into one service package and harmonized to work together on professional editing projects.

Target was a deeply integrated workflow with apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro as the editing tool, Helmut4 for advanced Adobe project management and workflows, LucidLink to centrally store content, Teradici for high-speed remote access, Leostream for provisioning, scheduling, connection brokering, and Single sign-on (SSO), plus AWS as infrastructure provider.

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