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Published 29. March 2023

7 Questions for Janine Haushalter

Janine Haushalter is a Solutions Architect at Qvest. In our interview series "7 Questions for..." she talks about her start at the company, the daily work routine and the development opportunities in her department.

Janine also has tips for new applicants who want to work in Business Consulting.

Question: Janine, when did you start at Qvest and how did you end up here?

Janine Haushalter: I started working in Service & Support at Qvest, then Wellen + Nöthen GmbH, at the beginning of 2013 after completing my training as an information electronics technician for equipment and systems technology. I already got to know Qvest during my training in the broadcast and event technology industry. At that time, the company was one of the largest system houses in this field.

Because I was fascinated by the versatile and worldwide projects, I applied for a job at Qvest towards the end of my apprenticeship. A few years later, I changed departments within the company and started as a Solutions Architect in Systems Integration. In the course of a restructuring, I became part of the SME MAM (Subject Matter Expert in Media Asset Management) team in Business Consulting in 2022.

What is your department responsible for?

As an SME MAM team, we support our colleagues within the Core Teams as well as internal departments. Our team consists of experts in system integration of asset management systems such as Media Asset Management (MAM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Production Asset Management (PAM). We also deal with topics such as transcoding, workflows and orchestration. As a result, we have many different tasks. These include, for example, working on tenders and bids, consulting, evaluating and documenting processes, and maintaining various systems. As a team, we have a strong technical background in service and support, system integration, consulting and technical project management.

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What does your typical workday look like?

My working day depends a lot on the projects I'm working on. There are only a few phases in which the days are very similar - and even then it's never monotonous.

First thing in the morning, I always check my emails and team messages. This gives me an overview of which requests have arrived in my absence. Then I can work through my daily tasks according to their priority.

My typical tasks include working on specifications and tenders, coordinating between customers and manufacturers, and checking workflows on the customer's system to ensure successful system integration.

What do you like the most about your job?

The diversity and variety – no two projects are the same and yet, in a way, they all seem to have something in common. It is always exciting and fascinating to get to know new customers, projects and systems and to familiarize yourself with new areas. At the same time, it feels very familiar, as the basic processes and topics are often very similar.

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Janine Haushalter Solutions Architect

I like the variety of my work - due to projects of different sizes, the role I play in them also varies from time to time. This makes it versatile and always offers me an opportunity for personal development as well as the chance to grow in the different roles.

Which project (or event) at Qvest do you remember most?

I have particularly fond memories of the project at Al Jazeera in Doha. That was my biggest international project to date, and I was on set for a very long time. It was very exciting and involved many challenges at the same time: a foreign country, a foreign culture, a project of that size and much more. I got to know my colleagues in a completely new way. After all, we didn't just spend a lot of time together at the customer's, but also in our free time. We were always there for each other, experienced many incredible and amusing things and shared many happy and sad hours together, privately and professionally. All of this bonded us together in a very special way, and it continues to this day.

When you think back to your beginnings at Qvest – what has changed since then, what has remained the same?

Oh, so much can happen in ten years. And a lot has indeed happened. Qvest has grown incredibly within this time and has expanded worldwide. Internally, too, a lot has changed as a result of the growth. Unlike in the past, there is now an HR department, onboarding processes, standardized employee reviews and team events.

What hasn't changed despite this growth: You can always rely on your colleagues. No matter what my concerns are, at least one of them will be there to support me if I get stuck.

What tips do you have for applicants who want to work in your field?

Don't be shy if you don't cover all areas of the job posting, but you're really interested in the job! 

You also shouldn't be put off by the fact that you may lack the exact training or the right degree, but have the knowledge we are looking for based on work experience. Be and remain curious, open-minded and inquisitive. If you have the necessary motivation for your own further development, if standing still is not an option for you and if you have the necessary drive to want to change things, then apply with us!

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