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Published 28. April 2023

7 Questions for Mohammed Kaakeh

Mohammed Kaakeh is Team Lead - PMO Operations at Qvest. In our interview series "7 Questions for ..." he talks about how he got started at the company, the daily work routine and the development opportunities in his department.

He also talks about his experiences and gives tips on what applicants in project management should definitely keep in mind.

Question: Mohammed, when did you start at Qvest and how did you end up here?

Mohammed Kaakeh: I started in April 2018 after a former colleague brought Qvest to my attention. She told me about the areas in which the company operates and that they were looking for trainees in wholesale and foreign trade. What I found out about Qvest and the industry during my research immediately piqued my interest - and I applied as a result.

After I was accepted, I first started working in the HR department as a commercial employee, and in the same year I began my training in wholesale and foreign trade. Since then I have been part of the Qvest family.

What is your department responsible for?

In Project Management, we are responsible for ensuring internal and external project execution. We administrate the set-up, management and execution of projects and act as a central communicator for all departments. Not only do we bring together all the information and knowledge about projects, but we also evaluate it afterwards and prepare it for future projects.

The tasks of the Project Management Office (PMO) include standardizing the PM process and introducing new standards at the individual intersections with the departments. We thus support operational project work by helping, for example, with the preparation, coordination, implementation and documentation of meetings, workshops and training measures.

What does your typical workday look like?

In the PMO, I am responsible for the technical and operational management of the team. This means that I support my colleagues in the best possible way with all open questions and tasks and also actively participate myself.

In addition to my own tasks, I take care of many organizational things, such as leading and preparing our regular team meetings, where we discuss the distribution of tasks and all open questions. But as the leader of such a team, you are also responsible for meeting deadlines. In other words: I have to make sure that all tasks are processed on time and in the best possible way.

One task that is not an everyday occurrence, but is nevertheless very enjoyable, is welcoming new employees to our department and familiarizing them with their new tasks.

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Which project (or event) at Qvest do you remember most?

Two events immediately come to mind here. The first is definitely my promotion to Operational Team Lead in the PMO in November 2022. It makes me very proud to have achieved such a big step in my career just two years after completing my training. It also shows me how much my work and achievements are appreciated at Qvest. It is a constant challenge to show that I have earned this position - and I am happy to accept it.

The second event I like to think back to is the 2022 Christmas party. After almost three years of the Corona pandemic, we were finally able to celebrate the successes of the past years together again as a Qvest family and just have fun.

What do you like the most about your job?

I particularly like the challenge and varied tasks that my work at Qvest offers me. The responsibility for constantly new and different projects motivates me, makes the job so interesting and never boring.

I also like the international composition within the department. Our team currently consists of more than 20 colleagues who work together on projects at many different locations.

When you think back to your beginnings at Qvest – what has changed since then, what has remained the same?

I have been with Qvest for almost five years now. A lot has changed in that time. We are expanding more and more as a company and are constantly getting bigger, especially internationally. The number of employees has also risen sharply since my early days - not least thanks to the many companies that have been integrated into the Qvest Group.

Thankfully, what has remained the same are the many interesting projects and tasks, as well as the good working atmosphere and the close cohesion among each other. At Qvest, you get to know so many nice colleagues. We are not only a company, but also a big international family!

Mohammed Kaakeh
Mohammed Kaakeh | Team Lead – PMO Operations

At Qvest, you have the chance to develop in the best possible way in an internationally expanding company and to grow together!

What tips do you have for applicants who want to work in your field?

You should definitely have a sense of responsibility, perseverance, conscientiousness, the ability to work in a team and a willingness to develop. All these qualities open the door to a varied job at Qvest and are the prerequisite for a successful career in the Project Management Team.

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