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Empowering organizations for fast-paced product development

With our Agile Consulting services, we ensure that your organization is poised to thrive. We specialize in creating agile structures that are efficient, transparent, and providing businesses with the responsiveness to change they need to navigate the complexities of the digital age.

Our strength lies in our hands-on experience with a wide range of agile frameworks, including Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, Spotify and Scrum of Scrums. We don't just advise; we've lived through an agile transformation ourselves. This unique perspective empowers us to craft tailored solutions that align with your business's unique needs and challenges.

As your trusted partner, we don't just introduce agile practices; we imbue an agile mindset throughout your organization. From leadership to individual contributors, we establish an environment of continuous learning, experimentation, and adaptation. Our mission is to ensure that your organization not only keeps pace with digital transformation but leads the charge by promoting self-organization and putting people at the center of our interventions.

As a holistic partner in Agile Consulting we offer:

Agile Checkup: Assess, reflect, enhance your agile maturity

Determine your organization's agile maturity with our precision-focused Agile Checkup.

  • Understanding your motivation: Why have you turned to agile? Assessing your agile landscape: How is agile being implemented?
  • In-depth analysis: What's working, what's not?
  • Actionable recommendations: How can you level up?


Agile Workshops: Dive deep and learn through experience

Discover the essence of agility with our hands-on workshops. We make learning interactive and engaging, ensuring you truly grasp and apply agile concepts in your unique business environment in these workshops:

  • Agile Basic Workshop
  • Agile Leadership  – all variants
  • Classic vs. Agile Project Management
  • SAFe in One Day
  • Values Workshop
Agile Transformation Consulting, Coaching & Support: Tailored agility

By tailoring agile methodologies to your specific needs, we ensure that you derive maximum value and relevance from your agile transformation journey, which consists of four phases:

  • Design: Collaboratively craft a tailored Agile architecture.
  • Operationalizing: Embed Agile practices, nurturing trust, autonomy, and improvement.
  • Establishing: Navigate your Agile journey with insights from our experiences.
  • Scaling: Expand Agile seamlessly across your organization's every facet.
Agile Masterclass for PO/SM: Enhancing leadership in agile roles

Our Agile Masterclass, designed for Product Owners and Scrum Masters, hones crucial agile skills. It's an in-depth, role-focused training tailored from real consulting insights. Exclusively within our Agile Consulting, it addresses systemic and individual needs for agile success.

Agile Role Check-Up: Excellence beyond compliance
Master your agile role with our Agile Role Check-Up. In two to four weeks, get targeted feedback emphasizing effectiveness in your unique context. Partner with pros, gain insights, and excel, regardless of the framework.
AMI - Agile Maturity Inventory: Navigate your agile journey

Evaluate your team's agility with AMI in a workshop that focuses on:

  • Gaining clarity on core agile principles
  • Understanding your current agile position, identifying steps to boost agility
  • Guiding regular self-checks for progress
  • Discover where you stand and plan your agile future confidently
Your benefits

From transformation experience to guided execution
We are not just consultants; we've undergone our own agile transformation journey. This first-hand experience allows us to empathize with your challenges and guide you through each step with tried-and-true strategies.


Empowering your teams with Agile Mastery
Our commitment goes beyond just implementing agile structures. We prioritize knowledge transfer, ensuring your teams become self-sufficient and adept in agile processes. Our goal is to make sure your organization can thrive independently, long after our collaboration.


Seamless integration with scaled agile organizations
Understanding the intricacies of scaled agile organizations, we ensure that our teams integrate effortlessly from the get-go. We're familiar with role responsibilities and processes, enabling us to hit the ground running and deliver immediate value.


Expertise across all agile frameworks
Our team is proficient in a myriad of agile methodologies including Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, Spotify, and Scrum of Scrums. This vast expertise ensures that we can tailor our approach to best suit the unique requirements of your organization.

Steffen Führes
Steffen Führes | Vice President Architecture, Cologne Broadcasting Center GmbH

To successfully ensure the ongoing development of RTL+, we have been working in collaboration with the SAFe Framework in a number of teams. The colleagues at Qvest Digital are an excellent fit for us. Firstly, they are technically outstanding and, secondly, we can deploy them in a variety of roles, such as software architects and developers in the front-end and back-end areas and as product owners and Scrum Masters. Being a professional, trustworthy service provider, Qvest Digital is a very good partner for us – one we would like to continue working with over the long term.

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