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Connected buildings with Qvest and Vodafone

Data is the key to tomorrow's business success. Vodafone, one of the leading providers in the Internet of Things (IoT) realm, is driving IoT development, researching cutting-edge technologies, and creating the necessary technical infrastructure for the Internet of Things.

As a reliable partner for the real estate industry, Vodafone offers comprehensive solutions ranging from signal delivery to the construction and operation of powerful in-house networks to digital building connectivity.

The expansion of the Smart Building sector in the real estate industry is an ongoing process at Vodafone. Building connectivity 4.0 enables remote maintenance, enhances reliability, and improves energy efficiency. Meter readings can be conveniently accessed via a dashboard without the need for on-site personnel.

Key Facts
// Scrum team up & running in less than 2 weeks
// MVP released after only 3 months
// 80% reduction in metering costs
// Scrum Team consisting of 6 people
// Wifi mesh
// Zigbee
// Wireless M-Bus
// Kafka
// Databases: MongoDB, InfluxDB
// Programming languages: Kotlin, Java, C, Go
// Agile project management
// Scrum

The Comprehensive Overview: Remote Maintenance and Intelligent Alarms

Vodafone's goal was to equip two entire buildings with gateways and various sensors in a Proof of Concept (PoC). The sensor data and gathered values were intended to be transmitted in real-time to a connected IoT platform. This necessitated the establishment of an entirely new infrastructure, incorporating newly released sensors available on the market. The PoC was successfully completed and further developed into a production system that is already operational in practice.

Sebastina Gross | Head of Digital Building Management Solutions, Vodafone

We especially value that the colleagues at Qvest Digital AG professionally and autonomously manage the entire data process from the sensor to the cloud. They act promptly and provide optimal advice regarding further partners. With utmost confidence, we involve Qvest Digital in many crucial decision-making processes.

Our solution

Fast implementation is as crucial to our customers as our expertise. As a Full-Stack IoT integrator, we swiftly assembled a Scrum team within a short time, starting the first sprint just 14 days after defining the initial requirements and accompanying the project to a successful launch. The goal was a complete implementation of the technical aspects: from sensor data through the IoT platform to data analysis in the tailored dashboard.

Feasibility was initially determined within the PoC framework. We promptly equipped test houses with the necessary hardware. The tests were successful, leading us to commence the development of the live system directly, continuing its evolution.

For the PoC, we equipped two buildings with IoT sensors from various manufacturers and gateways. These included heat quantity meters, smoke detectors, cold water meters, door and leakage sensors, among many other IoT components relevant to the housing industry. The sensors came from manufacturers such as Q-Loud, Sontex, or Lansen, and the gateways from Develco.

Our primary focus was seamlessly integrating the sensors with the Develco gateways to enable flawless real-time reporting. Presently, we have hundreds of gateways and sensors actively in use.

Such a Smart Building infrastructure presents logistical advantages. It also enables smart, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly energy management with automatic billing.

Mario Meltzow | Projektleitung, Qvest Digital

It was a fantastic opportunity for us to participate in such a modern and exciting project. Being involved from the idea phase to live operation in each development step was particularly appealing. Not every project allows us to work with the latest technologies and sensors. Through this project, we learned a great deal while doing what we do best. We were able to make rapid technological decisions and execute sprints very efficiently. Collaboratively developing instead of just delivering software is what we particularly value about this project. We look forward to continuing the development of Vodafone's building connectivity in the future

About Our Customer

Vodafone is one of the leading telecommunication conglomerates, providing internet, mobile, fixed-line, and television services. With its nationwide cable-fiber network, Vodafone reaches over 24 million households, covering two-thirds of all Germans with gigabit connections. Through its 4G network, Vodafone covers 99% of households in Germany. Since mid-2019, Vodafone operates the first 5G network in Germany, serving over 65 million people. By 2025, Vodafone aims to expand the particularly responsive 5G+ network to 90% of the population. Vodafone's Machine Network (Narrowband IoT) for industry and commerce ensures comprehensive coverage of over 97% of Germany's territory.

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