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Individual software solutions

We build good software. We build individual software solutions for use cases where off-the-shelf products are not enough. Our portfolio ranges from back-end systems, such as scalable cloud-based microservice landscapes, to modern web and mobile front-ends and the integration of standard software products into your IT landscape.

We don't just work off requirements, we want to understand your goals in order to develop the right software solution for you. We offer the greatest possible transparency through an agile, incremental approach with tangible and clear results. This creates trust and thus the basis for successful collaboration.

We integrate our software team into your IT organization. That promotes knowledge transfer and collaboration so that our joint work remains focused and success-oriented. This approach ensures that our partnership delivers high quality results that drive your business forward.

As your partner, we bring more than just coding skills to the table. In addition to deep technical know-how, our teams are able to deliver good results efficiently through modern, agile working methods. We bring current best practices and architectural approaches from software development, such as DevOps, microservices or cloud-based solutions, to your software team.

Our offering

Modernizing legacy systems
Legacy software often no longer meets today's requirements, such as short release cycles or modern web and mobile front-ends. We help you to modernize legacy systems step by step or replace them completely.
AI features for your software system
The availability of AI services such as ChatGPT has drastically reduced the complexity of implementing AI-based features in software systems. We integrate AI SaaS providers such as OpenAI into your software to improve the user experience.
Advanced Digital Commerce
Standard online shop tools have their limits: Integration with other IT systems such as ERP, warehousing or master data systems is a challenge. We have many years of software development experience in the e-commerce environment.
Business focus & reliability through automation
A lack of automation in software teams leads to high workloads and low feature output. We implement DevOps, infrastructure as code and automated QA in your software development process. This allows your software team to focus more on your business requirements again.
Modern apps for complex backoffice logic
Complex business logic requires well thought-out and well-designed frontends. We build web front-ends and mobile apps with modern technologies and a sophisticated user experience.
Green Software Checkup
Rising energy prices lead to rising software operating costs. Regulatory requirements on sustainability are increasing. Climate protection is becoming an important issue even for building and running software systems. Is your software as resource-efficient and sustainable as it could be? Our Green Software Checkup will show you.
Experts for your software team
Benefit from our decades of software development experience by adding individual experts or entire teams to your software organisation. Whether frontend developer, backend developer, DevOps specialist, product owner or scrum master - we have the right employee for your project!
Fast go-live with cloud native apps
Do you need a software prototype quickly or do you have to meet a hard deadline for a new software to go live? With modern cloud technologies such as serverless and managed services, we can speed up the software development process. Coupled with a clear MVP approach, we manage to build ready-to-run software quickly.
Mark Bornemann | Head of Customer Care, Business Unit IT - I.T.E.N.O.S.

In the context of their Digital Kickoff, Qvest gave us a clear view of how we can replace our existing large-scale IT system with a modern in-house development and what benefits this will bring for us. We are therefore not only able to identify potential savings for the future but also know how to map out further IoT use cases within the new system. We are now highly certain about the various steps required, which are now predictable for us.

Your benefits

We share our knowledge

We love to share our knowledge and experience. Nowadays, software is so important in companies that it is no longer possible without in-house know-how. Our goal is not only to develop the best possible software for you, but also to enable you to shape the future of your software yourself.


Transparent and predictable progress

Our development approach is a beacon of clarity. Through consistent, iterative deliveries, we not only showcase our progress but also provide a predictable roadmap. This transparency ensures you're always in the loop.


Built-in quality

Our commitment is to excellence. We craft software that is robust and resilient, ensuring seamless integration with your IT landscape. We know that quality assurance must be an integral part of a good software development process.


We deliver results

Thanks to our MVP approach and regular communication, we are able to quickly go live with an initial, productively usable version of the software. 

Our technology toolbox

We have in-depth experience in several technology stacks. This allows us to build your software with the technologies that best suit your use case and your existing IT landscape.

Backend services
Java, Kotlin, Spring, Go, NodeJS, Python
Web front-ends
React, Angular, VueJS, JavaScript, Typescript
Mobile apps
Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift, Objective C) or cross platform (Flutter, React Native)
AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, OpenShift as on premise cloud solution
PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, REDIS, elasticsearch, Open Search, Google Big Table, ...
Eventing and APIs
Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, MQTT, REST, GraphQL, Websockets
Kubernetes, Docker, Container, Ansible, Terraform, Github, Gitlab
Grafana, Prometheus, ELK-Stack
Robot Framework, Cucumber, Cypress, load and performance testing
Project cases and user stories

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