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Software Development

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Crafting Successful Digital Products

We create your digital product, crafting customized software solutions that go beyond off-the-shelf options. Our focus is on enhancing your core business operations.

Our portfolio comprises backend systems like scalable cloud-based microservice platforms and user facing systems like web and mobile apps. We integrate new software into your existing IT landscape.

How we help you being successful

We prioritize understanding your goals and delivering tailored, effective solutions with consistent, tangible progress. Our structured, agile approach ensures predictable, high-value outcomes by fostering deep integration and collaboration with client teams.

For corporate clients, integration is a necessity, and our solutions harmonize with existing operations and enhance workflows.

As your partner, we offer more than coding expertise; we aim to be pillars of excellence, driving innovation and efficiency with the latest practices and principles.

Adrian Salamon | Scrum Master, Qvest Digital

We focus on concrete and constructive feedback loops and continuous improvement. Code reviews and stand-ups are measures that make up a successful team.

Our offering

Agile development teams
Plug and play excellence: Our agile development teams are prepped and primed, ready to integrate seamlessly into your projects. Built on a foundation of agile principles and deep expertise, these teams can rapidly adapt to your environment, accelerating the development process and delivering consistent, high-quality outcomes.
Specialist support in critical phases
Expertise when it matters most: Navigating the complex phases of a project? Our specialists, ranging from Architects to Consultants and Agile Coaches, step in during those pivotal moments. With a laser focus on mitigating challenges and optimizing processes, they provide the guidance and expertise necessary to ensure your project stays on track and achieves its objectives.

Software Development: Our formula for success

// Requirements

We seamlessly integrate with your product management team. Our experienced product owners collaborate with your product management team in creating new features and break down these requirements into user stories manageable for the development team.

Our structured approach allows us to reliably predict results and ensures a steady and manageable workload. We deliver ready-to-use software on-time and on budget and align our implementation with a focus on ROI.

// Technology

We master all disciplines of software systems: Modern frontends (web and mobile), scalable container and cloud based backends on the leading public cloud providers AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, reliable and fast databases. We connect all these components with modern integration technologies like REST or GraphQL APIs and event driven communication patterns realized with technologies such as Apache Kafka.

We automate the whole software development process from QA to packaging (Continuous Delivery) to deploying (Infrastructure as code) using our strong DevOps skills.

Our technology stack consists of a wide selection of modern programming languages and tools so that we can choose the tech stack that fits your needs.

// Method

Building software is complex and therefore needs optimized and efficient processes. We know how to set up an efficient software development organization. An agile mindset and automation using DevOps are the key factors for fast results.

Planning the right thing to do in the right order with a Scrum backlog is the starting point for successful software development. Coding in a development team with an efficient process for task allocation, automated QA and integration of results is needed for efficiently using the power of all team members. Automation in packaging, releasing and basic QA lets the development team focus on your business requirements and constantly releases new features. Automation in operation – from deploying to monitoring and alerting – guarantees maximum availability to your customer.

// People

We are more than 150 software developers, more than 30 product owners and scrum masters and more than 30 IT consultants. In addition we have more than 100 nearshore colleagues. With this power we can build your software product.

Our developers and technology consultants have certifications on the three big cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). Our product owners and scrum masters have the basic Scrum certifications as well as certification in different scaled agile frameworks like SAFe.

Mark Bornemann | Head of Customer Care, Business Unit IT - I.T.E.N.O.S.

In the context of their Digital Kickoff, Qvest Digital AG gave us a clear view of how we can replace our existing large-scale IT system with a modern in-house development and what benefits this will bring for us. We are therefore not only able to identify potential savings for the future but also know how to map out further IoT use cases within the new system. We are now highly certain about the various steps required, which are now predictable for us.

Your benefits

Empowering you
We love sharing our knowledge and experience to empower you to maintain and enhance your software. We believe that a digital company should master its digital product. Our goal is not only to build the best possible software for you but also to bring you into the driver’s seat for developing the future of your digital product by yourself.


Deep strategic understanding
In addition to deep technical skills we are able to collaborate with your product management team. Our product owners immerse in your product management, co-designing and refining features that resonate with your ROI aspirations.


Transparent and predictable progress
Our development approach is a beacon of clarity. Through consistent, iterative deliveries, we not only showcase our progress but also provide a predictable roadmap. This transparency ensures you're always in the loop, and our structured approach guarantees outcomes that align with your expectations.


Quality-first approach
Our commitment is to excellence. We meticulously craft software that is robust and resilient, ensuring seamless integration with client tech-stacks. Built to thrive, our solutions excel within scaled organizational structures.


Catalyst for development excellence
Our teams' diverse experience across industries equips them with adaptable expertise. They don't just bring knowledge; they tailor it to your unique challenges, ensuring your business gains momentum, not hurdles.


Proficient in Scaled Agile Environments
Our development teams are adept navigators of scaled organizational terrains. With a nuanced understanding of stakeholder dynamics and inter-team collaboration, they consistently deliver pragmatic, results-driven solutions.

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