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Our team helps businesses fully leverage the power of the cloud. We provide integration services that streamline business processes, improve data accessibility, and enhance scalability. The expertise we offer customers worldwide spans across multiple cloud platforms, ensuring a seamless and secure transition to the cloud.

We help solve complex tasks that encompass on-premises system, SaaS offerings, and cloud deployed solutions. Connecting the individual dots to a coherent integration is our core expertise, with transition to cloud or hybrid workflows for operations and engineering being an important part of our service offering.

Our unique expertise spans:

VOD / OTT platform integrations
Seamlessly integrate video on demand (VOD) and over-the-top (OTT) platforms to expand your audience reach.
Cloud-based playout solutions
Enhance your broadcasting capabilities with cloud-based playout solutions.
Cloud-based news agency ingest and distribution
Streamline news agency content management through cloud-based systems.
Cloud archive migration and replication
Safeguard your data with reliable cloud archive migration and replication.
Cloud transcoding and peak load sharing
Optimize transcoding processes and efficiently manage peak loads in the cloud.
AI workflow integrations
Leverage artificial intelligence to enhance your workflows and drive efficiency.

Latest products and solutions

makalu Cloud Playout

Cloud Playout

Deliver compelling content quickly, reliably and at the highest quality on any given device to create new revenue streams: makalu is the software-defined cloud playout automation that helps you succeed in a competitive media landscape. Spin up linear live, pop-up and FAST channels in the blink of an eye, manage them easily – and monetize your content.

Media operations

Cloud-based Media Integration Platform

Create and maintain your own low-code workflows with dozens of pre-built flow templates with qibb, the first fully agnostic and cloud-based media integration platform worldwide. Orchestrate media applications easily from a constantly growing catalog already containing more than 50 media-centric apps from industry-leading partners.

Virtual video production environment

The enterprise solution for anywhere, anytime video editing is optimized for the best Adobe Creative Cloud experience. Enjoy the familiar workflows and full functionality of Adobe apps like Premiere Pro and After Effects – paired with the performance and power of the cloud via virtual workstations. For easy collaboration and frame-accurate editing in real time.

Project experience

With our cloud integration services, we make digital transformation an extraordinary experience. Our goal is always to enable your business to succeed in today's dynamic media landscape. We guide you on your journey to the cloud, improving broadcast capability and scalability and ensuring security and efficiency every step of the way.

Read our project cases and user stories for more detailed information on our experience in Systems Integration.

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