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Published 20. October 2023

European League of Football reaches more fans leveraging FAST channel playout

Watching sports is maybe the most popular hobby worldwide. To secure wider access for fans, broadcasts must be brought to smartphones, laptops or desktop computers, TV sets, streaming devices, tablets, and games consoles.

With the start of a new season in June 2023, the European League of Football has expanded its reach, both digitally and economically: In a strategic alliance, they have partnered with Qvest to leverage the innovative FAST channel playout solution makalu. This partnership is redefining how sport engages aficionados no matter where they are and what devices they use.

Holistic solution from implementation to distribution

In a world where digital realms dictate modern engagement, traditional broadcasting methods are no longer sufficient to captivate global sports fans.

This realization prompted the European League of Football to pivot toward innovation, joining forces with the Qvest Stream team and deploying makalu. This all-in-one cloud playout automation ushers in seamless content delivery and amplified viewer engagement.

Frank Mistol, Managing Director of Qvest Stream, draws a parallel between the teamwork integral to sports and software development: "Team spirit and experience are key pillars for success both in sports and software development. As a technology partner, Qvest offers the European League of Football a holistic solution, from technical implementation to distribution on various platforms."

Engage with a rapidly growing fanbase

Having kicked off in 2021, the league has a fast-growing fanbase to reach. The adaptive nature of makalu empowers fans to relish games on their preferred digital devices, creating not just viewers but participants. This expansion of engagement unveils novel revenue streams, making it very attractive for sponsors and advertisers.

Deliver high-caliber content effectively

makalu is tailored to meet the demands of modern broadcasting while preserving an eye on the future. Its user-friendly interface positions it as the league’s ideal choice for delivering high-caliber FAST channel content effectively. The solution encompasses:

  • Streamlined workflow: makalu optimizes the entire broadcasting workflow, from ingest to distribution, ensuring the European League of Football can focus on the heart of the game while Qvest handles the technical intricacies.
  • Multi-platform delivery: The playout solution facilitates simultaneous distribution across various digital platforms, opening doors to a wider audience and heightened engagement.
  • Dynamic graphics and branding: With makalu, the league can deliver additional on-screen elements, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  • Flexibility and scalability: The FAST channel solution accommodates the surge for digital content, ensuring seamless streaming even during peak times.
  • Insights and revenue generation: By analyzing viewer data, makalu provides the league with insights into fan behavior and preferences. Armed with these insights, the league can tailor content, ads, and partnerships for maximum revenue potential.

The partnership paints a vivid future for American football in Europe, combining the Qvest expertise with the league’s passion, all woven into the fabric of cutting-edge sports broadcasting.

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