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Translating business ambitions into effective IT solutions

The challenge many businesses face is the expectation that, once requirements are passed to IT, the results should align perfectly with the business vision. However, misalignments often occur. IT might deliver technically proficient features, but these do not always achieve the desired business outcomes or impact – resulting in wasted resources, missed opportunities, and customer dissatisfaction.

Our Digital Product Consulting service directly addresses this challenge, ensuring that your strategic intent is accurately translated into technological solutions. By emphasizing the voice of the customer and understanding genuine user needs we ensure every IT and product initiative aligns seamlessly with strategic goals.

This approach not only ensures each digital move serves a clear, user-centric purpose but also facilitates decentralized decisions. Such empowerment reduces dependencies between teams, minimizing the need for lengthy planning and coordination.

Our holistic approach aligns every facet of your organization with a unified vision and strategy, driving value for both your business and your customers. We ensure every technological solution supports your business priorities. Through product discovery, we gain deep insights into user needs, ensuring development efforts are both efficient and impactful.

Frederik Vosberg | Head of Innovation Consulting

Understanding our product strategy and strategic goals is essential for our teams. It empowers them to make the right decisions autonomously and align their actions for maximum business impact. Without this knowledge, effective prioritization and course correction are impossible.

Digital Product Consulting: Our offering

Product strategy for directional clarity
We provide clarity and structure. By guiding discussions on vision, mission, target audience, and differentiation, we help your team craft a clear strategy. This ensures effective prioritization, task completion, and focus. We delve into defining your value proposition, monetization, and marketing strategies. With our guidance, every action is purposeful, driving your product to undeniable success.
Cross-functional alignment through customer journeys
Through a comprehensive customer journey map, we foster seamless communication and collaboration across teams. By speaking a shared language and understanding the holistic customer journey, departments synchronize their efforts, eliminating silos and elevating the overall customer experience.
Setting measurable customer-centric team goals
If customers face unfocused product efforts and mounting pressures, we bridge the gap between management vision and team action. By crafting a customer journey map, we pinpoint precise product goals, ensuring teams prioritize impactful tasks while satisfying management's objectives.
Aligning new development teams with existing strategy
For new teams, quick alignment with the existing strategy is vital. Our strategy kick-off rapidly onboards the team, emphasizing vision, target customers, and feature prioritization. By consolidating and discussing strategic insights, the team can make business-aligned decisions. This empowers them to work efficiently, make accurate code-level decisions, and deliver value without constant stakeholder intervention.
Connect development to real-world needs
Development teams often operate in silos, distant from actual customer needs, leading to potential missteps in MVP rollouts. We intervene, fusing these teams with real-world market insights. Through designing and conducting strategic experiments, we bridge this gap, aligning development with genuine customer demands – resulting in informed product decisions and a smoother path to successful market entry.
Expert integration
Our team of experts ensures that all components work together flawlessly, from cameras to control rooms.
Count on our reliable systems to perform consistently, even in the most demanding live environments.
We stay at the forefront of industry advancements, incorporating the latest technologies to keep your broadcasts competitive.
Your benefits

Strategy alignment for actionable outcomes
By assisting your teams in excavating and making the strategic context explicit, we ensure they see and align with the bigger picture. This clarity guarantees that every decision and action directly support your business goals, leading to impactful outcomes.


Unified customer-centric vision
We foster a culture of customer-centricity by aligning departments on a shared understanding of the customer journey. This comprehensive alignment not only streamlines operations but also allows us to set and achieve measurable goals that enhance user experience.


Empowerment through knowledge
Beyond strategy and execution, we believe in equipping your teams for the future. Our knowledge transfer covers both the strategic nuances and the methodical approach, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability.


Reducing dependencies in scaled IT organizations
One of the key challenges in large-scale IT environments is cultivating autonomy by minimizing dependencies. Our expertise lies in identifying and addressing related bottlenecks, enabling teams to operate more independently and efficiently within the broader organizational structure.

Steve Allert | Manager Digital Innovation STABILO International GmbH

To help us expand our digital portfolio at STABILO, Qvest Digital assisted us with our Trend & Innovation Days and with the development of the associated business model. Based on our ideas, Qvest Digital built a prototype within just four weeks as part of our Digital Kickoff. We now want to test this with our target group and then develop the solution further until it is ready to market. Although the collaboration was exciting and labor-intensive, we all really enjoyed it.

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