Digital Kickstart at SIBU DESIGN

Digital Kick-Off

Strategy workshop presents innovative ideas, digital tools, and technical possibilities

SIBU DESIGN, a leading manufacturer of high-quality design panels for interior use, faces significant challenges and opportunities in its markets. To support the company, we conducted a workshop as part of the Digital Kickstart initiative, with the aim of assisting SIBU DESIGN in the concrete implementation of its digital strategy and ensuring the successful execution of identified measures.

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Prioritization and focus for increased competitiveness

SIBU DESIGN has thoroughly examined relevant questions regarding its challenges and the market. In a collaborative workshop with consulting firms BÖCKER ZIEMEN and Qvest, valuable insights were gained. This workshop not only provided a comprehensive overview of how SIBU DESIGN can strengthen its competitive position and improve customer engagement using digital tools but also resulted in a clear digital strategy. Through collaboration, challenges were identified, and the team now has a clear understanding of the next steps to be taken.

Challenges of SIBU DESIGN

Together, SIBU DESIGN, BÖCKER ZIEMEN, and Qvest identified key challenges:

  1. Multi-tiered distribution channels hinder direct contact and communication with end customers.
  2. Innovation is crucial, especially due to the risk of imitation and competition pressures in fabrics, wallpapers, and colors.
  3. Perception of SIBU DESIGN varies significantly in individual target markets.
  4. Target markets of SIBU DESIGN are evolving in a highly heterogeneous manner.
Our solution

The workshop delivered the following results, forming the basis for implementing a digital strategy and successfully executing identified measures.


Analysis of different target markets of SIBU DESIGN, revealing a growing DIY market and a caravan market that received an additional boost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In contrast, the international market for store construction is declining.


Compilation of twelve specific topics to strengthen the competitive position.


Prioritization and focus on the most relevant topics, including a timeline for implementation.


Identification of relevant opportunities and digital tools to address identified issues and solve mentioned challenges.


Selection of suitable technical solutions by the Digital Kickstart team.

Patricia Weberschläger | Marketing & Management, SIBU DESIGN

By firstly considering the right questions, we gained valuable insights about the market and the challenges facing us. The joint workshop we participated in with BÖCKER ZIEMEN and Qvest Digital AG gave us a good overview of how we could strengthen our competitive position with the help of digital tools and meet our customers' needs more closely. Thanks to the collaborative development process, we also defined a clear digital strategy and now know what challenges we need to tackle next. The whole team adapted to our situation and set of challenges in the shortest possible time frame and was able to provide very valuable input thanks to their broad range of competencies.

About our customer

SIBU DESIGN is a leading manufacturer of high-quality design panels specifically for interior design, furniture construction, shop concepts, fashion, architecture, and displays. The products impress with their design and handling, are easy to process, and can be used in almost unlimited ways.

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