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Published 27. June 2024

Qvest develops and coordinates security concept for the police in Southwest German state

During the 2024 European Football Championship at the MHPArena and in the public viewing areas in Stuttgart's city center, the Baden-Württemberg Police relies on state-of-the-art technical support to ensure fan safety. Qvest has developed a comprehensive security concept for this purpose and coordinated its implementation in close collaboration with the police.

Additionally, since 2023, Qvest has been responsible for the technical support and maintenance of all 17 police control centers in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

The Problem

The European Football Championship excites sports fans and attracts large crowds. To meet the increased security demands in the stadium and public viewing zones, the Baden-Württemberg Police had to adjust and expand their operational infrastructure.

The Solution

1. Establishment of the Security Center:
Qvest was responsible for setting up a central operations center in Stuttgart. This center served as the hub for all security-related measures. Several workstations were specially modified and equipped with the necessary technology for the sports event to efficiently monitor and coordinate all police operations.

2. Integration of Video Signals:
A newly installed, three-by-three-meter video wall can process 128 input and output sources simultaneously. Video signals from bodycams, stadium cameras, surveillance cameras in the city center, as well as footage from police helicopters and drones, are consolidated and visualized here. This enables comprehensive monitoring of the entire city area.

3. Enhanced Visualization Capabilities:
All input signals are visualized on two integrated 55-inch smart displays with touch panels. These displays show live overview plans and intranet workstations, which can be forwarded to other control centers as needed. In total, 17 police control centers throughout Baden-Württemberg are connected to this central control system.

4. On-Site Support and Training:
Qvest provided on-site support for five days. Experts trained the staff in handling the new technology and prepared them for potential problem scenarios. Additionally, Qvest installed a backup system to ensure the reliability of visualizations and set up continuous support via a remote helpdesk.

The Benefits

Improved Coordination and Responsiveness:
The central management of all security-relevant information and the integration of modern technology significantly enhance the coordination of security measures. Security authorities can respond to incidents more quickly and efficiently.


Increased Safety and Monitoring Quality:
Comprehensive visualization of all video signals enables detailed monitoring and rapid identification of potential security risks, significantly enhancing the safety of fans and visitors.


Seamless Integration and Support:
Thanks to comprehensive training and ongoing support from Qvest, the Baden-Württemberg Police were able to seamlessly integrate the new technology into their workflows, ensuring efficient implementation of security measures throughout the entire tournament.

Conclusion: Security and Collaboration on a New Level

In close collaboration with the Baden-Württemberg Police, Qvest developed and implemented a technical security concept for the 2024 European Football Championship that meets the special requirements of the major event and the highest security standards. Supported by state-of-the-art technology and continuous support, this has significantly contributed to safety in Stuttgart.

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