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New production environment meets highest demands in technology, design concept, and work atmosphere

Every technology project in the broadcasting sector demands a tailored solution. Hence understanding the client's needs is crucial for a successful operation.

Qvest has supervised the build of a future-proof broadcast center in Bangkok for Thai News Network (TNN) that had to meet the highest standards in technology, design concept, and work atmosphere. The new production environment is not only technologically advanced but also aesthetically appealing. As the main contractor, Qvest ensured that all of TNN's requirements were met. It was the company’s first project of this kind in Thailand. 

Cutting-edge technology paired with outstanding custom design

Qvest's internationally composed team handled overall project management, technology consultation, and the procurement of new technical equipment to enable a new studio complex with a unique design concept.

Additionally, Qvest oversaw the relocation and commissioning of the broadcaster in the True Digital Park 101, Southeast Asia's largest tech and startup hub. Approximately 250 TNN employees now work here. The 24-hour news channel is part of the Thai News Network Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Charoen Pokphand Group and Telenor. It covers local and global news, business, environmental and sustainability issues, sports, technology, innovation, as well as health and nutrition topics. TNN wants to create the finest news with accurate facts and the best possible news coverage to the public. 

Create a top-notch working environment and unique design

The new broadcasting center should create the conditions for this, providing the most productivity, collaboration, and satisfaction to the employees. Michele Lai Chin, Sales Director APAC at Qvest, says: "Our goal was to devise a superior working environment that reflects TNN's core values and production standards while fostering a positive atmosphere among the people working there. This was the first project of its kind in Thailand for us – and a very special one. Apart from the studios and technical rooms, we also designed the workplace, the pantry, the lobby, the make-up rooms, and the façade. We are pleased with the trusting and successful partnership with TNN.” 

The new studio complex had to fit 345 people or about 200 seats (130 fixed and 70 hot seats) in two areas: Event Hall (1,200 sqm) and Glass House (240 sqm). Qvest executed the project in two consecutive phases. The first phase involved master planning and conceptual design. In the second phase, curved forms and flowing lines were integrated into the interior design, considering Feng-Shui principles to foster positive energy and balance. 

The focus was on a clear visual layout closely aligned with TNN's corporate design – a task also coordinated by Qvest. The execution was entrusted to the award-winning experts from Clickspring Design in the USA and mo2 design, a planning office for light and media design from Germany. Both companies specialize in design projects in areas such as TV/broadcast, consumer branded environments, special events, or music. 

"Qvest's expertise and creative input were crucial"

TNN employees now benefit from a state-of-the-art environment that supports their work. Ongard Prapakamol, Head of TrueVisions and Media Division and CEO of Thai News Network, emphasizes the advantages: "The new center has significantly improved our team's productivity and broadcast capacity, providing us with a state-of-the-art environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. The collaboration with Qvest and partners went smoothly. Their expertise and innovative input were crucial to realizing our vision. The integration of advanced technology solutions has elevated our broadcasting standards, confirming our ambitions as the leading news provider in Thailand and beyond." 

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