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Qvest creates live broadcasting and streaming environments for news, sports, and entertainment with unparalleled expertise. Proven experts design, plan, and implement scalable and cost-optimized media and data systems worldwide, tailored to the needs of our customers covering aspects like:

  • Workflow design across the media supply chain

  • Infrastructure built for on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and all IP

  • Software consultancy, implementation, and customization

  • AI integration

  • Requirement gathering, vendor assessment, and vendor management

  • Greenfield installations, modernization as well as migration during ongoing operation

Supporting news companies end-to-end

Qvest is one of the most trusted end-to-end technology partners for news broadcasters, publishers, and streaming providers. We support our customers with state-of-the-art media infrastructures and custom-fit solutions for production workflow, media asset management, newsroom workflow, distribution, and monetization. More than 3,500 international technology projects prove our expertise.

Qvest conceives, develops, and implements solutions for content acquisition, contribution encoding, transport & ingest, remote editing, visual effects, production management, and production storage.

We deliver instruments for media orchestration, quality check, metadata architecture, digital publishing, archive storage, encoding, transcoding & packaging, digital asset management, playout automation, DRM & CA, fingerprinting & distribution watermarking, and media asset & control management.

Our portfolio includes infrastructure development and software solutions for online video platform, newsroom, traffic & scheduling, monitoring & data analytics, content delivery network, and video & audio playback.

We implement solutions for subscriber management billing & paywall, rights & entitlements, data management & engineering, advertising management, subscriber engagement, and business analytics.

Philipp Glänzel | General Manager & CTO, Qvest MENA

With Generative AI, new possibilities arise. We can translate content, write summaries, generate social media posts, and more. All of this is now possible – and this is just the beginning of what we will see within the media industry.

Use Case: How Asharq News sets standards in news workflow

Full-IP infrastructure for multi-platform news station

Leading the way instead of following beaten paths: a groundbreaking system design that combines cutting-edge technologies and organizational workflows, makes the new 24/7 live news platform Asharq News a pioneer for business and financial news in the Arabic-speaking world. Qvest trimmed the entire news workflow for Asharq News’ editors for flexibility and efficient, location-independent collaboration capabilities.

#experiencemore: A video can say more than 1000 words!

Asharq Studio
Watch the realization of Asharq News in time-lapse video
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Use Case: New media center for Mediacorp

A digital first integrated newsroom

The new Mediacorp media center in Singapore accommodates more than 600 journalists from Mediacorp’s fields of TV, radio and print. Qvest was responsible for project-related consulting, evaluation and development of the technological and business processes, as well as being the master system integrator for the integration of technical planning and implementation of the entire high-tech infrastructure.

The new media center comprises:

  • 100 editing and post production suites
  • 14 radio stations and production studios
  • 6 networked TV and news studios
Mediacorp: New media center with Qvest
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The best news broadcasters worldwide rely on us

Alessandro Reitano Senior Vice President Sports Production, Sky

The customized solution that we have prepared and implemented together with Qvest has helped us to greatly facilitate everyday production.

News and live are getting us moving

Qvest stands for expertise, experience, and excellence – here are five reasons why to choose Qvest and how we make your business better.


We have media & entertainment DNA. We are familiar with your business and the challenges of your stakeholders – from the bridge of command to the machine room.


We are implementation experts for more than 30 years. Knowing the challenges in the execution phase ensures the success of your projects.


Our global sourcing and scouting for the latest and most innovative hard- and software solutions ensure that you are always ahead of the curve enabling you to increase efficiency, productivity and revenue and to reduce cost.


Working with forward-thinking media & entertainment businesses across the globe provides invaluable impulses and best practice know-how.


We create a "proud to be part of it mindset" and the basis for acceptance, cultural change, and a learning organization with agile teams.

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