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Published 25. August 2023

Transforming video editing workflows for modern newsrooms 

Today’s media landscape, especially in modern newsrooms, is characterized by rapid change. The preferences of fragmented audiences evolve all the time, production cycles are getting ever faster, and journalists have to adapt not only to new technology but also to different ways of storytelling.

Video content needs to be produced in many different formats, at varying lengths, for multiple channels and platforms, including social media networks like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, which is becoming increasingly relevant for news consumption especially among the younger generation.

To remain competitive, newsroom teams therefore need to implement solutions and workflows that are easier, faster, and more flexible and seamless. The strategy for news is now COPE – create once, publish everywhere.

The solution: Flexible remote post-production with text-based editing

“Audience requirements are escalating,” explains Thomas Müller, Chief Technology Officer at Qvest. “Every few months a new platform, product, or technology is released that you need to produce content for or that can help you simplify your tasks, and of course this changes workflows. That requires an on-going change management process in the digital transformation as well as an agile focus on audience and customer needs.” 

To cope with increasing demands, teams need easy-to-use powerful tools to create high quality content fast, and a good management system to organize and find relevant content, maintain the rights to it, and then adapt it to each platform – as fast and automatic as possible. Qvest closely cooperates with key industry players such as Adobe to create the video production workflows of the future. Adobe’s groundbreaking technology is empowering everyone, everywhere to imagine, create, and bring any digital experience to life. Text-based editing in Adobe Premiere Pro has been rewarded with an IABM BaM Award 2023 IBC Edition in the category "Produce".

The new normal: Remote video editing in the cloud

One way Qvest helps media companies streamline their workflows, reduce costs, and be more flexible is with its cloud-based video editing solution, based on its integration platform qibb, which enables teams to collaborate and produce content from anywhere.

With qibb (which integrated OpenAI very early on) it’s possible to establish workflows using tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and take advantage of unlimited access to fully integrated and ready-to-use Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Editors can easily collaborate with other creatives, transfer projects seamlessly to their coworkers, and access cloud editing workstations instantly.

This means greater simplicity, productivity, and scalability, enabling editorial teams to complete compelling content faster and more efficiently. 

“Qvest built a solution that enables customers to scale their editing capacity whenever necessary,” points out Michael Gamböck, Principal Partner Manager at Adobe. “So when there is a big news event, like a royal wedding or a natural disaster, videos can be edited by whoever needs access. In the cloud this just takes a few clicks, while traditionally you would have to rent a post-production suite, cutting down the workflow to minutes instead of weeks.” 

The next step: Empowering journalists with text-based editing

A key feature that will help journalists and editors produce videos even more efficiently is text-based editing, an entirely new way to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro that makes creating a rough cut as simple as copying and pasting text. Powered by Adobe Sensei, text-based editing

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