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Innovative Studio Design | Simplified Automation | Immersive VR/AR/XR solutions | Software-defined production | Studio Playout | Mixerless workflow

Delivering innovative, immersive, and awe-inspiring experiences

We are passionate about creating extraordinary visual experiences. Having specialized in expert Studio Design and Build services, we leverage the latest VR/AR/XR technologies, LED walls, advanced lighting systems, robotic cameras, and more to bring your creative visions to life.

We take pride in crafting tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate with studio automations, making us your go-to partner for state-of-the-art studio experiences. Trusting in a collaborative approach, we work closely with clients and architects to ensure your vision is at the forefront of our designs. Your project isn't just another job to us – it's a creative partnership. Therefore, we are committed to bringing your dreams and ideas to the screen, turning your imagination into reality.

Innovative studio design
We blend studio design seamlessly with architecture and lighting consultancy, offering a holistic approach to create exceptional studio spaces.
Immersive VR/AR/XR solutions
We implement cutting-edge Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Extended Reality technologies to transform your content into captivating experiences.
Enhanced automation
Elevate the level of automation in your studio workflows, streamlining production processes and increasing efficiency.
Software-defined production
Embrace the future with migration towards software-defined production platforms, optimizing flexibility and adaptability.
Simplified automation
Our Fusion Studio Control system simplifies studio automation for journalists and operators, making complex tasks more accessible and efficient.
Mixerless workflow
Say goodbye to the traditional vision mixer with our mixerless workflow solution, streamlining your studio processes and reducing complexity.
Innovative studio playout
Explore our studio playout solutions, featuring clipbox, for a state-of-the-art approach to content delivery and management.

Example Studio Design Concept

TV Studio Design Concept

Project experience

We recognize that project experience is the foundation upon which we build trust, expertise, and a promising future. Standing as a testament to our journey of excellence, It's the embodiment of our ability to navigate complex challenges, adapt to evolving landscapes, and deliver exceptional results.

  • Increase automation level in studio workflows
  • Migration towards software defined production platforms
  • Eliminating the vision mixer via a mixerless workflow
  • Implementation of VR/AR/XR Solutions
  • Innovative Studio Playout Solutions: clipbox
  • Innovative & holistic studio design in combination with architecture & lighting consultants
  • Simplifying the studio automation for journalists & operators: Fusion

When you choose our Studio Design and Build service, you're selecting a team that is dedicated to delivering innovative, immersive, and awe-inspiring studio experiences. Your imagination is the limit – and we're here to push those limits with you.

Read our project cases and user stories for more details on our experience.

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