Transmission and Playout Systems

Linear live, Pop-up, and FAST channels | Playout solutions | Multichannel distribution | Dynamic channel branding | Operator UI integration | NMOS standards implementation | Disaster Recovery

Providing seamless and reliable content delivery

At our core, we specialize in designing and implementing end-to-end 24/7 playout and transmission solutions that cater to the diverse needs of the modern media landscape.

We utilize state-of-the-art Qvest products, recognized for their reliability and innovation, and incorporate third-party solutions to safeguard your content delivery. These solutions serve as ready-to-use building blocks for a resilient transmission and playout infrastructure. Our expertise in IP playout solutions distinguishes us, as we comprehend the nuances of this technology and maximize its potential to ensure flawless content delivery to its destination on every occasion.

We recognize that no two content delivery requirements are the same. That's why we offer a range of solutions – from powerful on-premises environments to the agility of the cloud. Our flexibility ensures we have the perfect fit for your specific needs.

Linear live, Pop-up, and FAST channels
Adapt to the fast-paced media landscape with solutions such as our cloud-based playout automation makalu, ensuring you're always in sync with your audience's demands.
Playout solutions
From single-channel setups to complex multi-channel environments, we offer playout solutions that fully embrace IP technology (SMPTE ST 2110), providing flexibility and scalability to meet your specific needs.
Multichannel distribution
Reach your audience across multiple channels – be it linear broadcasting, OTT platforms, or social media, with our versatile multichannel distribution capabilities.
Dynamic channel branding
Elevate your brand with dynamic channel branding solutions that make a lasting impression on your audience.
Operator UI integration
Seamlessly embed playout systems into operator user interfaces for an intuitive and efficient workflow.
NMOS standards implementation
Implement NMOS standards, including IS-07, to enhance metadata handling, streamlining your operations.
Disaster Recovery
Robust disaster recovery solutions based on cloud and DR-site scenarios, ensuring your content is protected and accessible even in the face of unforeseen events.
High Experience in Playout Integrations and Workflow
Realizing integrations in other systems
High Experience in Playout Integrations and Workflow
Realizing integrations in other systems
High Experience in Playout Integrations and Workflow
Playout Pipelines – Monitor & Operate

Project experience

We recognize that project experience is the foundation upon which we build trust, expertise, and a promising future. Standing as a testament to our journey of excellence, It's the embodiment of our ability to navigate complex challenges, adapt to evolving landscapes, and deliver exceptional results.

  • Increase automation level in studio workflows
  • Migration towards software defined production platforms
  • Eliminating the vision mixer via a mixerless workflow
  • Implementation of VR/AR/XR Solutions
  • Innovative Studio Playout Solutions: clipbox
  • Innovative & holistic studio design in combination with architecture & lighting consultants
  • Simplifying the studio automation for journalists & operators: Fusion

When you choose our Studio Design and Build service, you're selecting a team that is dedicated to delivering innovative, immersive, and awe-inspiring studio experiences. Your imagination is the limit – and we're here to push those limits with you.

Read our project cases and user stories for more details on our experience.

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