Workflow Systems Integration

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Elevate your operational excellence

We deliver tailor-made Workflow Systems Integration designed to elevate operational efficiency and enhance business processes. Our expertise spans across file-based broadcast controller systems and AV infrastructure controller systems.

The solutions we develop bridge the gap between disparate systems. We ensure that data flows effortlessly between systems, streamlining your entire workflow for maximum efficiency. Every step of your workflow is meticulously optimized, resulting in increased productivity and effectiveness. Our dedicated team is available to support your workflow integration, ensuring sustained excellence.

Our comprehensive expertise covers:

Workflow design and implementation
Crafting workflows that align perfectly with your broadcast controller and AV infrastructure, ensuring seamless operation.
BPMN workflow mapping
Expertly translating BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) workflows into actionable, integrated processes.
Complex file transfer and conversion solutions
Solving the most intricate challenges related to file transfer and format conversion.
API-based integration specification and testing
Building robust, API-driven integrations and rigorously testing them for seamless operation.
Quality control and approval workflow implementation
Implementing rigorous testing and precise quality control (QC).

Plan, build and run modular solutions for professional media with qibb, using best-in-class integrations and pre-built workflows for your required use case. Our Flow Editor, the dashboard system and the Catalog of Nodes and Flows provide maximum flexibility in a dynamic environment.

Qibb Workflow
Qibb Dashboard
Qibb API
Qibb User Management
Qibb Qorkflow
Exceptional workflow experience
We deliver bespoke workflow systems integrations that enhance operational efficiency and improve business processes.

Project experience

We recognize that project experience is the foundation upon which we build trust, expertise, and a promising future. Standing as a testament to our journey of excellence, It's the embodiment of our ability to navigate complex challenges, adapt to evolving landscapes, and deliver exceptional results.

  • Workflow design and implementation for broadcast controller and AV infrastructure
  • Mapping of BPMN workflows into workflow and integration engines
  • API-based integration specification and testing
  • Complex file transfer and conversion solutions
  • QC and approval workflow implementation

Opt for the future of operational efficiency with Workflow Systems Integration. Let us optimize every facet of your workflow, empowering you to deliver exceptional content and services with maximum efficiency.

Read our project cases and user stories for more detailed information on our experience in Systems Integration.

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