Public Information & Digital Signage

Efficient digital information delivery for public institutions and businesses

In today's digital world, it's more important than ever to disseminate information quickly and efficiently to the public. With our Public Information & Digital Signage solutions, you can ensure that your messages and information are disseminated in real-time and reach your target audiences.

Whether in public institutions, government agencies, or businesses – our scalable and flexible solutions allow you to update and customize your content easily, capturing people's attention.

Our Services

Scalable Solutions for Your Needs
With our solutions, we offer you the opportunity to communicate your information on various levels. From simple signage to complex corporate applications, you can be sure that we have a solution that meets your needs. Our experts will assist you in selecting and implementing the appropriate solution for your individual requirements.
Design, Installation, and Configuration
We assist you with the design, installation, and configuration of cloud-based end-to-end solutions for digital displays. This enables you to maximize the efficiency of your information dissemination and ensure that your content is updated in real-time.
Systems Engineering
We specialize in the integration of a diverse range of audio and visual technology products on a large scale. This results in customized audio systems that are high quality and reliable, meeting the exacting standards of our clients.
System Integration and Security
Our Public Information & Digital Signage solutions seamlessly integrate into your existing IT infrastructure, systems, and omnichannel strategies. Additionally, we offer high-security standards through end-to-end encryption to ensure the confidentiality of your content.
Scalability and Maintenance
Our solutions offer various licensing models, from single-site solutions to enterprise solutions, to meet your individual requirements. Furthermore, our experts are available for maintenance and support to ensure the ongoing functionality of your digital displays.
Audit, Reporting, and Design

We have expert engineers on staff to assist with auditing, reporting and design in the following areas:

Audio: Public Address; Speech Intelligibility Index (STI); Audio Field Induction Loop (AFIL); 3D Modelling for EASE Calculations

Infrastructure: WiFi and Networking; High Uptime services and applications

Visual: Passenger Information Displays; Digital Wayfinding; Interactive Wayfinding

Help and Information: Help and Information Points

Applications and use cases of Public Information & Digital Signage

Companies, public institutions, and government agencies

  • Digital signage and wayfinding boards inside and outside of buildings
  • Information displays for employees in companies, administrations, offices, and government agencies
  • Digital signage in schools and kindergartens for information dissemination to parents and children
  • Internal communication and information dissemination using digital signage
  • Display of announcements, calendars, safety videos, etc., for employees
  • Digital door signs, overview of room reservations and utilization of shared resources

Traffic and transportation

  • Digital signage and wayfinding boards in train stations and airports
  • Digital advertising boards and information screens in transportation such as buses and trains

Retail and hospitality

  • Digital signage and information displays in hotels, fitness centers, cinemas, and other recreational facilitiesDigital menus, price boards, and ordering terminals in restaurants, cafes, and fast-food chains
  • Advertising and product information in stores and shopping centers
  • Interactive displays for product presentations and customer surveys


  • Digital information boards in doctor's offices and hospitals for displaying news, hygiene tips, etc.
  • Digital wayfinding and visitor information in medical facilities

Explore the possibilities of Public Information & Digital Signage

Efficiently and effectively disseminate information to the public with our Public Information & Digital Signage solutions. Harness the full potential of digital capabilities to reach your target audiences and communicate your messages effectively.

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